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Newborn BOCES


Antibiotic put in eyes at birth? Erythromycin
Why is NB at risk for hypothermia? evaporation due to relatively large body surface area.
What might nasal flaring indicate in a newborn? Inadequate oxygenation
S/S of drug addiction in NB? hyperactive, shrill frequent crying, yawning, sneezing, jittery.
Tx for jaundice? Generally phototherapy
A newborn's RR alternates between tachypnea and bradypnea with periods of apnea, T or F? True
What is lanugo? Fine, downy hair on NB
What is caput succedaneum? Accumulation of fluid on NB scalp
Why does a NB receive silver nitrate in eyes? To prevent opthalmia neonatorum
What is vernix caseosa? White cheese-like substance on NB
When does anterior fontanelee close? 18 months
When can NB be fully bathed? After cord falls off.
What is the risk to NB with high bilirubin levels? Brain damage
Why is NB given Vit K injection? Improved coagulation
The NB will have cyanotic hands and feet and will lose weight w/in 1st week, T or F? True
How long can breastmilk be stored? 2 days refrigerated
Education for bottle feeding PLace nipple at top of mouth, baby is burped after each ounce, baby placed on rt side after feeding.
How long do you have to administer Rhogam postpartum? 72 hours
What is mastitis? Infection/inflammation due to blockage of milk ducts
How does stool appear of breastfed infant? Yellow curd-like
Care of cord? Clean, dry, alcohol to help dry out
How is gestational age best assessed? By physical and neurological characteristics
When should meconium be passed? W/in 24 hrs
What is the Moro reflex? Startle reaction by drawing up legs, extending arms, then folding arms across chest.
How many wet diapers should be produced daily? 6-10
What is Babinski's reflex? Stroke sole of foot, big toe moves upward and other toes fan out.
Created by: shocklori
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