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Postpartum BOCES


What is uterine involution? Return of uterus to prepregnancy state
S/S bladder distention? Fundus set off from midline, bulging bladder with tenderness, excessive lochia,
What may cause an inaccurate assessment of fundus height postpartum? Full bladder
12 hours postpartum, where should fundus be? At umbilicus
At 24 hrs pp, where should fundus be? 1 finger below umbilicus
Prepregnancy weight should be achieved by when? Within 6-8 weeks (haha!)
Where is breast engorgement first noted? Under arms
For engorgement in nonbreasting women, what should you recommend? Firm bra and ice packs. No pumping.
HCG disappears from blood stream after birth when? 24 hours
How will pulse be postpartum? Slow
How long should a woman who had a hydatidiform mole wait to get pregnant again? 1 year
What is the first milk produced called? Colostrum
Why is bladder distention such a danger postpartum? May cause uterine atony which may lead to hemorrhage.
What is the first nursing action for a boggy funbdus? Massage
How would you massage the fundus? Place one hand on fundus and other above symphysis pubis.
Important assessments for episiotomy? Edema and approximation
When can sex be resumed? Once lochia is gone
Mag sulfate risk to mother? Hemorrhage
Created by: shocklori