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Why is a sunflower yellow? It reflects yellow light.
Blue light has higher frequency than red light. Thus, blue light has: higher energy and shorter wavelength than red light.
If we say that a material is opaque to ultraviolet light, we mean that it _________. absorbs ultraviolet light
Recall that one of the laws of thermal radiation states that a higher-temperature object emits photons with higher average energy (Wien’s law). This law is illustrated by the fact that for a higher temperature object, the graph peaks at __________. a shorter wavelength, Wien’s law states that the thermal radiation from a hotter object peaks at a shorter wavelength.
The neon “OPEN” sign appears reddish-orange because __________. neon atoms emit many more yellow and red photons than blue and violet photons
Suppose instead that we are looking at the gas cloud but the light source is off to the side instead of directly behind it. In that case, the spectrum would __________. be an emission spectrum
What type of visible light spectrum does the Sun produce? an absorption line spectrum
Which of the following forms of light can be observed with telescopes at sea level? radio waves, visible light
If our eyes were sensitive only to X rays, the world would appear __________. dark because X-ray light does not reach Earth’s surface
If you had only one telescope and wanted to take both visible-light and ultraviolet pictures of stars, where should you locate your telescope? in space
The Hubble Space Telescope obtains higher-resolution images than most ground-based telescopes because it is: above Earth's atmosphere.
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