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Which one of the following describes an object that is accelerating? A car going around a circular track at a steady 100 miles per hour.
State each of Newton's three laws of motion. For each law, give an example of its application. 1st Law-An object moves at constant velocity unless a net force acts to change its speed or direction. Example: A passenger on a plane is unable to feel any sensation of the plane. 2nd Law-Force is equal to mass times acceleration. Example:throwing a ba
Which of the following examples describes a situation where a car is experiencing a net force? The car is making a gradual turn.
Compared to its angular momentum when it is farthest from the Sun, Earth’s angular momentum when it is nearest to the Sun is the same
Suppose that two objects collide. Which of the following things is NOT the same both before and after the collision? the total temperature of the objects
When a spinning ice skater pulls in his arms, he spins faster because _________. his angular momentum must be conserved, so reducing his radius must increase his speed of rotation
Which of the following describes a speed, according to an astronomer? 10 light-years per 1 million years
If that solar system has a planet the same size as Earth orbiting at a distance of 1 AU , what is the orbital period of the planet? (Hint: The calculations for this problem are so simple that you will not need a calculator.) 6 months
The animation shows a collapsing cloud of interstellar gas. As the cloud collapses, the force of gravity drawing the cloud inward __________ because __________. gradually becomes stronger the strength of gravity follows an inverse square law with distance
According to the law of universal gravitation, what would happen to Earth if the Sun were somehow replaced by a black hole of the same mass? Earth's orbit would not change.
If the Moon were closer to Earth, high tides would: be higher than they are now.
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