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What is the first stage of labor? Dialtion phase (early labor)
What takes place during the second stage of labor? Birth of infant
What are the three parts of the first stage of labor? 1)latent 2)active 3)transitional
Describe each part of early labor. Latent: dialtion from 0-3cm. Contractions q5-8 minutes, last 20-35 seconds.mild. Active: dilation 4-7cm. Contractions q3-5 min/40-60sec. Moderate Transition: 7-10cm. Contractions q2-3 min/80 seconds. strong.
What is the longest stage of labor? Latent
What happens during third stage of labor? Starts after birth of infant and ends with delivery of placenta.
What is the greatest risk to mother after delivery of the placenta? Hemorrhage
During which stage of labor may the pt become easily frustrated, have difficulty communicating and following directions? Transitional stage
When does pt get moved to delivery room? With full dilation of cervix.
What may be caused by meconium in amniotic fluid? Infant may aspirate and suffer respiratory distress.
Describe different presentations of fetus. Occipit anterior - preferred. Face down. Occipital posterior - facing upward. Frank Breech - buttocks first; coomplete breech - feet first Transverse - sideways
Why is oxytocin administered after birth? To prevent hemorrhage
What nursing action should be taken for boggy fundus? Massage
What should be documented when membranes rupture? Time, amount, odor, color
What is monitored by fetal stations? Decent into birth canal
Why is it important to keep pt's bladder empty? Can impair decent into birth canal
What may happen if analgesics are administered in the transitional stage? May cause resp distress to infant.
Encouraging proper breathing during childbirth is important why? Adequately oxygenate mother and baby
What does dystocia mean? Difficult childbirth
What is the risk to mother with premature rupture of membranes? Infection
What is Yutapar used for? Premature labor
What is failure of uterine muscles to contract normally after childbirth called? Uterine atony
What poor outcome can happen after uterine atony? Hemorrhage
What is a sign of fetal health when monitoring heart rate and contractions? Heart rate variability with contractions.
If decelerations are noted, what position would mother be put in? Trendelenberg or or knees to chest
What are the different types of lochia? !st Rubra, 2nd serosa, 3rd alba
What is effacement? Thinning and shortening of cervix
What is the landmark for station "0"? Ischial spine
What is the peak of a contraction called? Acme
How is direct fetal monitoring done? Electrode placed on baby's head
What is colostrum? First breast milk discharge
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