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chistartalk midterm

关于 guan yu (about)
关注 guan zhu (focus on)
国际 guo ji (international)
巨星 ju xing (super star)
教师 jiao shi (teacher)
教授 jiao shou (professor)
运动员 yun dong yuan (athlete)
gen (with)
聊天 liao tian (chat, talk)
哪里 na li (where)
na (where)
xie (to write)
wei (measure word for people)
quan (all, the whole)
男孩 nan hai (boy)
奴人 nu ren (lady, women)
太太 tai tai (wife)
崇拜 chong bai (admire)
shang (study)
开心 kai xin (happy)
幸运 xing yun (lucky)
有时 you shi (sometimes)
可爱 ke ai (lovely)
调皮 tiao pi (playful)
觉得 jue de (feel like/ think that)
七口人 qi kou ren (seven people)
嫂嫂 sao sao (older brother's wife)
姐夫 jie fu (older siter's husband)
小学 xiao xue (elementary school)
qu (to go)
可是 ke shi (but)
da (big)
liang (two)
起点 qi dian (starting point)
a (particle indicating strong emotion)
怎么样 zen me yang (how)
为什么 wei shen me (why)
有道理 you dao li (it make sense)
丝绸之路 si chou zhi lu (the Silk Road)
以。。。闻名 yi... wen ming (be famous for...)
草原 cao yuan (steppe, grassland)
沙漠 sha mo (desert)
骑马 qi ma (ride a horse)
古城 gu cheng (ancient cities)
生日 sheng ri (birthday)
咖啡 ka fei (coffee)
可乐 ke le (Coca-cola)
冰茶 bing cha (iced tea)
热茶 re cha (hot tea)
冰水 bing shui (iced water)
热水 re shui (hot water)
炒米饭 chao mi fan (fried rice)
炒米粉 chao mi fen (fried rice noodle)
包子 bao zi (chinese buns)
饺子 jiao zi (dumplings)
Created by: korcat
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