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Level 1 Vocab M P5

castle しろ
primary school; elementary school しょうがっこう (小学校)
Shinto shrine じんじゃ (神社)
sports centre スポーツセンター
university だいがく (大学)
junior high school; middle school ちゅうがっこう (中学校)
temple てら(寺)
zoo どうぶつえん (動物園)
bus stop バスてい
art gallery; art museum びじゅつかん
hospital びょういん (病院)
post office ゆびんきょく
space (between); time (between) あいだ (間)
above; up; over うえ (上)
back; behind; rear うしろ (後)
below; down; under した (下)
outside; exterior そと (外)
near; neighbourhood; neighbourhood ちかく (近く)
neighbour (neighbour); next to となり
inside; within なか (中)
opposition; resistance はんたい
left ひだり (左)
in front まえ (前)
right みぎ (右)
facing; opposite; across the street; other side むかい
opposite side; other side; opposite direction むこう
beside; aside; next to よこ
student がくせい (学生)
high school student こうこうせい (高校生)
elementary school student; primary school student しょうがくせい (小学生)
pupil せいと               (生と)
teacher せんせい (先生)
university student だいがくせい (大学生)
Created by: Itchen College