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MOLB Chapter 6

Microbial Growth

Carbon heterotrophs/autotrophs are carbon fixing
Nitrogen need for amino acids and nucleic acids, by breaking down amino acids from the environment(ammonia, nitrate)
Sulfur protein, vitamins, break down amino acids, absorb sulfate/hydrogen sulfur from the environment
Phosphorus nucleic acids, membranes, ATP, absorb phosphate groups
optimal pH for bacteria 6.5-7.5
optimal pH for mold/yeast 5-6
Complex media have an unknown concentration of nutrients
Defined media know the exact concentration of nutrients
Differential Media media that allow identifiable reactions MSA agar
Selective Media suppress the growth of unwanted organisms while promoting growth of desired organism, EMB
Enrichment media used to increase small amounts of an organism to a detectable level, phenol added to media
Agar used as a solidifying agent for culture media, generally not metabolized by microbes, liquefies as 100, solidifies at 40
Lag Phase prepares for population growth, no growth
log phase exponential increase in population
Stationary Phase cell death equals increase in population
Death Phase population decreases at a logrhithmic rate
BSL I no special precautions
BSL II lab coat, gloves, eye protection
BSL III biosafety cabinets to prevent airborne transmission
BSL IV sealed, negative pressure, exhaust air is filtered twice
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