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OB 2nd midterm

What is the amount of weight the infant commonly loses a few days after birth and why? The infant loses up to 10% the first few days do to water loss and less calorie consumption.
How much intake do infants usually take by the end of the first week? 2-3oz
When should the infant regain up to their birth wt? by two weeks
should a infant be fed water? NO
during what period did bottle feeding outnumber the amount of breast feeding 1940's-1060's
(DURING GESTATION) When does the breast develop and prepare for lactation 16 weeks
What hormones stimulates alveoli's in breast feeding? Estrogen/progesterone, stimulate alveoli and ductal system in breasts
What Hormone stimulates milk production? Prolactin (stimulated by pituitary.
What happens when Progesterone and estrogen levels fall after birth? prolactin increases to stimulate milk production
what is released after birth in response to infant suckling and stimulates the "let down reflex"? Oxytocin is released
Ways to prepare for breast feeding do not use soap or harsh body cleansers/do not roll or pinch to toughen nipple
What is the milk called at the completion of breast feeding that is most caloric? Hind milk
(STAGES IN MILK COMPOSITION) Which milk is thick, yellow, high in fat, vitamins & minerals. high in immunoglobulins, and has a laxative effect to pass meconium? Colostrum
(STAGES IN MILK COMPOSITION) What milk is known as the "in-between" milk and has lactose, fat, and calories increases? Transitional Milk
(STAGES IN MILK COMPOSITION) What milk is thinner, bluish, and appears after the first two weeks postpartum mature milk
What are anatomical issues the may pose a challenge to breast feeding mothers? inverted, flat, and everted nipples
red, bruised, blistered, fissured, and tender are signs of what? Poor latching during feeding
rooting, sucking on hands, fussiness, awake, crying are signs of what? baby is ready to feed
When should the nurse assess the new mother with breastfeeding? optimally within the first hour
cradling, football and side-lying are ways to hold the baby during feeding using a C or V to support her breast
rhythmic=pattern of suckling with audible swallows Nutritive
pattern of suckling has irregular sucking pattern with no audible sucks Non-Nutritive
FEEDING FREQUENCY at least every 2-4 hours if not more
FEEDING FREQUENCY at least every 4 hours during the night
FEEDING FREQUENCY at least 8-12 feedings everyday
Feeding length at least 10-15 minutes if not longer
feeding length longer initial feeds are needed to stimulate the release oxytocin for the "let down reflex"
watery first milk that quenches thirst Foremilk
thicker, richer, milk that provides more calories for Wt gain and satisfaction Hind-milk
How long does the APP recommend babies "exclusively breast feed for? first 6 months of life
promotion of involution benefits of breastfeeding
assistance in weight control for mom benefits of breastfeeding
oxytocin is believed to coincide with mood and increased feeling in maternal well-being (psychological) benefits of breastfeeding
natural birth control, delayed ovulation (contraceptive) benefits of breastfeeding
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: mother type 2 diabetes
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: mother Breast cancer
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: mother ovarian cancer
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: mother postpartum cancer
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: INFANT lower respiratory problems
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: INFANT asthma
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: INFANT ear infections
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: INFANT obesity
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: INFANT type 2 diabetes
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: INFANT childhood leukemia
DISEASE REDUCTION for breastfeeding: INFANT atopic dermatitis
Breast feeding Benefits -INFANTS easy to digest, less constipation
Breast feeding Benefits -INFANTS Breast milk contains factors that establish normal intestinal flora
Breast feeding Benefits -INFANTS builds immune system, helps baby fight infection
how many mom still breastfeed their babies after 6 months? 13%
What demographic is the lowest in breast feeding? black americans
lack of knowledge, lactation problems, poor social support, embarrassment, employment are examples of? barriers to breastfeeding
To avoid nipple confusion, when is a good time to introduce formula? after 6-8 weeks
What could decrease milk supply? smoking, inadequate diet/rest, ETOH, caffeine
(book says) 3 wet diapers/ 3 stools by 3rd day of life means baby is getting enough milk
(clinical Rule) 6-8 wet diapers per day after 2-3rd day of life Baby is getting enough milk
lower lip turned in, tongue thrusting, no audible swallowing sounds are signs of suckling problems
checking for congenital anomalies, evaluate risk of pregnancy, promote baseline information, and accurate gestational age are examples of what? indications for fetal diagnostics
most reliable indication for gestational age during the first trimester crown rump measurement
What can a pregnant lady due to make sure she has a successful ultrasound? Drink plenty of water so the bladder can displace intestines, and elevate the uterus.
femur length, biparietal diameter, and abdominal circumference are assessments of ultrasounds during last half of being prego
levels of ultrasound level I basic
levels of ultrasound level II comprehensive
levels of ultrasound III specific area
assessments of the blood flow through the fetal structures such as umbilical artery in pregnancies complicated by HTN or fetal growth restriction can be found by using the .. Doppler
What is the quad marker screening and when is it most accurate? its a blood test that screens for increased risk of down syndrome and neural tube defects and is best taken at 16-18 wks.
AFP (protein produced by liver) Unconjugted estriol (protein produced in placenta and babies liver) hCG (hormone produced by placenta), and inhidin-A are screened using what test? Quad Marker
advantages are a blood sample, least invasive, and gives time to decide options, disadvantages are first step of many, wrong age could alter results, limited time-frame, closed defects are covered by skin and wont be included in results Quad-Marker Screening
What are indications for chronic villus sampling? women at high-risk for genetic abnormalities, advanced age, history of previous fetus with abnormalities. genetic defect carrier
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