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Where does fertilization take place? Fallopian tubes
What is the new cell called? A Zygote
How long after fertilization does implantation take place? 7 Days
What is the Zygote called just before implantation? A morula
What is does the morula become that burrow into the uterine wall? A blastocyst
After implantation, what hormone is produced that maintains the corpus luteum and provides a positive pregnancy test? HCG
What is the role of the placenta? Temporary organ (endocrine) respiration, nutrition, excretion for fetus. Secretes HCG, estrogen, progesterone. Transfers immunity.
How long do the embryonic and fetal stages last? Embryonic = conception to 8 weeks Fetal = 9 weeks to gestation
Describe placental blood flow. From fetus to placenta via umbilical artery From placenta to fetus via umbilical vein
What is the total number of weeks of full term pregnancy? 40 weeks
What is Chadwick's sign? Purplish tinge of vulva and vagina due to vascular congestion/sign of pregnancy upon exam.
What is Goodell's sign? Softening of cervix. Sign of pregnancy on exam.
What is Hegar's sign? Softening of lower part of uterus. Sign of pregnancy on exam.
What is the increase in blood volume during pregnancy? 30-50%
How could the increase in blood volume affect a woman with heart disease? Could cause CHF
How much weight should a normal weight woman gain during pregnancy? 25-30 pounds
What are abnormal cravings for non-food substances called? Pica
Risks associated with pica: Altered nutrition, exposure to toxins, decreased desire for appropriate foods
What are the decreased H&H of pregnancy due to? Hemodilution
Common complaints of pregnancy? Edema, constipation, frequent urination, hemorrhoids, heartburn, backache, n/v, tiredness
How can nausea be relieved? Eating crackers before getting out of bed in a.m.
What causes constipation? Decreased paristalsis
When do women usually complain of urinary frequency? First and third trimesters
What is slowing of the HR attributed to? Raised diaphragm
What are the first fetal movements called? Quickening
How much weight should the average woman gain in the first trimester? 2-4 pounds
To accommodate increased need for O2, what supplement should be given? Iron
How frequently will pregnancy checkups occur? Monthly through 7th month, then every two weeks until last month then every week
After the first trimester, what should the height of the fundus of the uterus be? Equal to #weeks pregnant in cm.
What will urine be checked for at regular doctor visit? Glucose and protein
Why would a non-stress test be performed? Determine adequate placental blood supply
What is lamaze? Natural labor technique relaxing muscles and therapeutic breathing, usually with coach
Is amniotic fluid acidic or alkaline? Alkaline
What viral disease will likely cause harmful affects to fetus? Rubella
Umbilical cord contains what vessels? two arteries and one vein
How is the embryo's sex determined? Sperm carries X or Y chromosomes. Ovum carries only X. XX = girl. XY = boy.
What is the medical term for pregnancy? Gravada
What is the protective jelly found in the umbilical cord called? Wharton's jelly
A dark line often appears vertically in the center of the abdomen. What is this called? Linea nigra
What supplement can be offered to help gingivitis in the pregnant pt? Vit C
What vitamin helps to prevent neural tube defect and is now added to many foods for this reason? Folic acid
What is the medical term for stretch marks associated with pregnancy? Striae gravidarum
Why are some women treated with RhoGAM while pregnant? To protect future pregnancies of an Rh- mother developing antibodies against an Rh+ fetus.
What is ballottement? Physical exam of mother in which uterus is pushed with finger during vaginal exam and fetus bounces away and returns.
What is gravida? Number of pregnancy of mother.
What is para? The number of births of fetus >20 weeks gestation.
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