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OB & Womens Health

Contemporary OB nursing and Womans Health during Pregnancy

FCMC Family Centered Medical Care
Doulas Stands by mother during labor and delivery
1 lb. 480 grams
NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Legal Issue in Delivery of Care Malpractice suits high
Nuclear Family Family consisting of parents and their dependent children
Extended Family Includes nuclear family and other people related by blood
Single-Parent Family Family with only one parent
Binuclear Family Family after divorce
Reconstituted Family Includes stepparents and stepchildren
Homosexual Family One person of the same sex have children
Affective Function Meets needs for affection and understanding
Socialization function Refers to the learning experiences provided within the family to teach about social roles
Reproductive Function Need to replinish the generation/survival of society
Economic Function Familys provision of allocation fo sufficient resources
Health Care Functions Meed the physical necessities
Social roles in families are learned in ____________. Pairs
Family systems theory Encourages nurses to view individual family members of a larger family system influenced by and influencing others
Family Developmental Theory Focuses on the family as it moves across time.
Family Stress Theory Focuses with the ways families react to stressful events
Every mother of childbearing age should be viewed as what? A potential mother
What is so important in preconception counseling? Folic Acid
What is the chance that a sexually active teen not using protection will get pregnant? 90%
What medication provides some protection in endometrial cancer? Birth Control Pills
Where in the abdomen is the uterus? Between the bladder & rectum
What is the wall in the uterus that causes menses? Endometrium
What two hormones cause menses? Progesterone & Estrogen
How long does menses last? 2-8 days
Climacteric The time before menopause
Primary Infertility When a couple has never had a child
Secondary Infertility When a couple has one child but is unable to conceive one now
Unexplaned Infertility No cause found
Sterility Conception not possible
How many couples does infertility affect? 10-15%
BBT Basal Body Thermometer
Endometriosis Abnormal condition in which the endometrium is outside of the uterus
Dysmenorrhea Pain with menses
Menorrhagia Heavy bleeding/menses
Varicocele Varicose vein of the testicle
Clomid Stimulates the production on pituitary gonadotropins
Clomid Ocular side effects as well as maturation of multiple follicles
Menotropins Pergonal
Menotropins Purified prep. of gonadotropins extracted from urine of postmenopausal women
HCG Hormone secreted by placenta
HCG Important in sustaining estrogen and progesterone, preventing menstruation
Abortion Intereption of a pregnancy before 20 weeks
Primary Prevention Prevent illness
Secondary Prevention Early detection of health problems
Tertiary Prevention Prevent from getting worse
Created by: zerosrn
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