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Antianxiety agents

Chlordiazepoxide (librium) Diazepam (Valium) S/e= Lethargy, hangover respiratory depression hypotension N/C= CNS depressant Addiction/Overdose cigarette and alcohol increases CNS depression
Alprazolan(Xanax) Clonazepam(Klonopin) Lorazepam(ativan) Oxazepam (serax) S/e= Drowsiness, lightheadedness, increased salivation orthostatic hypotension memory impairment and confusion N/c= CNS depressant dont discontinue abruptly
Midazalam(Versed) S/e = Retrograde amnewsia, euphoria, hypotension, dysrhymia N/c= CNS depressant use preoperative sedation, conscious sedation for endoscopic procedures
Buspirone(BuSpar) S/e= light headednes confusion, hypotension palpitations N/C= little sedation, requres 3 weeks to be effective, avoid alcohol and grapefruit
Hydroxyzine(vistaril)(atrarax) S/e= drowsiness, ataxia, leukopenia, hypotension N/C= can be used for anxiety relief for indifinite period.
Kava S/e= imparied thinking, judgment, motor reflexes, vision, decreased plama proteins N/c= similar activity to benzodiazeopines
Melatonin S/e= Sedation, confusion, headache, and tachycardia N/c= Infulences sleep-wake cycles(levels are high during sleep
For these drugs nurse should monitor for? Liver functions, therapeutic blood levels avoid alcohol, cation when performing tasks requiring alerness.
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