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Peds Boces


What virus affects mainly children 6mos-2yrs, occurs in fall and winter, causes most bronchiolitis and is treated with a humidity tent, Ribovarin, bronchodilators and corticosteroids? RSV (respiratory syncytical virus)
What is laryngotrachebronchitis (LTB) most commonly called? Croup - uncontrollable coughing fits, barking sounds. Cool air humidifier. Aspiration precautions.
How serious can epiglotitis be? Life threatening, trach tray at bedside.
What is myelomeningocele? Most common type spina bifida. Small sac of fluid extends through spine.
What is hydocephalus? Buildup of fluid in brain. Frequently associated with myelomeningocele.
Respiratory distress syndrome in newborns is usually attribuited to what? Premature birth, kungs not fully developed.
How is RDS treated? Surfactant replacement and ventillation.
What is pyloric stenosis? Thickening of pyloric muscles, trapping food in stomach. S/S Observation of peristalsis, projectile vomiting and olive-shaped mass.
To treat GER (gastroesophageal reflux) in an infant, what is usually added to formula or expressed breastmilk? Cereal
What is intussusception? Intestines collapsing in on itself. S/S currant jelly stool, drawing up legs, severe crying with pain.
What is Hirschprung's disease? Absence of parasympathetic innervation of section of bowels. Tx with resection of affected part.
What is cradle cap? Seborrheic dermatitis. Tx with mineral oil.
What is talipes? Commonly known as club foot. Congenital deformation. Casts applied soon after birth and changed weekly.
What is Duchenne's MD? Rapidly progressive MD affecting mostly boys.
What is Gower's sign? Telltale sign of Duchenne's MD. Very difficult to get up from a sitting or lying position on the floor. First pull up to their hands and knees. The child walks his/her hands up their legs to brace themselves as they rise to a standing position
In assessing meningitis, what are the classical S/S of meningeal irritation? Brudzinski's sign, Kernig's sign, nuchal rigidity and photophobia.
How long after ABX tx is started in child with meningitis will they remain isolated? 24 hours
What is cerebral palsey? congenital motor dysfunction.Developmental disabilities, persistent primative reflexes, arched back, unsteady gait, involuntary movements, heart and vision problems.
Best place to check for pulse in infant? Brachial artery
S/S of ICP in infant after injury? Drowsiness, vomiting, bulging fontanelle, high-pitched screams
What should a child with asthma be taught? Take maeds regularly, always have inhaler, avoid cold drinks, identify early signs of attack, avoid allergens.
What lab will be checked in assessing hemophilia? PTT
S/S and Tx of leukemia. Anemia, infection, bleeding. Tx with chemo/bone marrow transplant
Pathophysiology of cystic fibrosis? Excessive secretion of thick mucus = blockages in various organs/systems.
Test for CF? Sweat test for chloride, stool for fat, X-ray.
May be first sign of CF. Meconium illeus
Due to malabsorption of protein and fats, what Tx will child with CF receive? Pancreatic enzymes before meals and snacks.
Other Tx for CF? Albuterol, mucinex,fluids, avoid cough suppressants, High cal and protein/moderate fat diet, bronchial drainage.
How shouild bronchial drainage be performed? 15 minutes before meals and bedtime, lie on side, head lowered, drain opposite lung (rt side=left lung),chest physiotherapy, exercise
Complications of CF? Bleeding problems, cor pulmonale, rectal prolapse, diabetes, osteoposrosis, resp failure.
What would be a concern for parents of child with cleft palate? Impaired attachment
How should child be fed post-op repair cleft palate? Dropper, Brecht feeder, syringe, cup.
Post-op care cleft palate? Clean suture line, Side-lying/supine position, arm safety devices, Logan's bar to reduce scarring by keeping sutures in place.
Additional long term concerns cleft palate? Dental problems, speech and language problems, ear infections
What is Tetrology of Fallot? Congenital heart defect including four signs: pulmonary stenosis, overriding aorta, ventricular septal defect, right ventricle hypertrophy
Common signs of Tetrology of Fallot? Cyanosis at birth, squatting as they get older.
A child assessed as hypertensive at a well child visit should have what intervention? Schedule two more BP readings.
How could you best assess urine output in infant? Weigh diaper
What is the drop factor for peds tubing? 60 gtts/ml
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