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Ch. 33 vocabulary

Bacterial Diseases of the Skin

Anthrax Bacillus anthracis--gram-pos. bacillus--spore former--anaerobe--sporse survive in soil for at least 100 yrs--transmitted from cattle to human--prevention-vaccine//tx of cattle--hemorrhaging, boils, bloody diarrhea
Catalase protets bacteria from lysosomeal reactive oxygen compounds
Coagulase clots blood near the infected site to form an abscess and effectively walls off the area from the immune system
coagulase test only S. aureus can coagulate clotting factors in plasma
Debridement removal of dead tissue and foreign material
Exfoliatin causes desquamation or denuding often seen in newborns--called scalded skin syndrome--large areas of skin loosen and peel off leaving raw openings--S. aureus
Gas gangrene gram-pos. bacillus--anaerobe--spore-forming--C. perfringens--bacteria producers of gas, lesions become green and then blacck as organism produces extracellular enzymes--putrefy tissues block blood flow--amputation
Hansen's disease leprosy--rod shaped--does not stain by Grams stain-incubation 2-10 yrs-ddestroys neurons, bone and skin-loss of fingers, toes and nose tissue--tx with reserved ABT for 2 or more yrs--
Hemolysin produced by S. aureous--destroy red and white blood cells
Lepromatous leprosy organisms multiply to great numbers in mucus and tissues--billions spread from mucus of nose and throat
Leprosy Hanson's disease--disease of skin and neurons--slowly destroys neurons, bone, and skin--loss of fingers, toes and nose tissue common--dx by appearance of skin lesions that have lost sensations--2-10 yrs incubation--tx reserved ABT for 2 or more yrs
Leukocidin produced by S. aureus destroy red and white blood cells
Lockjaw jaw muscles contract intensely--all muscles of body affected--tetnus
Nonlepromatous leprosy not highly contagious--leprosy
Protein A substance produced by the infecting organism to resist host immune system--surface protein binds human Abs by Fc end results in bacterium that appears on surface to be hose--immune system sees Fab arms of host's own Abs
Pyogenic pus-forming
Tetany muscle spasms
Tetanospasmin tetanus due to tetanus toxin--causes tetany and lockjaw
Tetanus gram-pos bacillus, spore forming, anaerobic--Clostridium tetani--muscular in effect--infection via skin wound--causes tetany--boosters required every 10 yrs-80-90% fatal
VRE vancomycin-resisant enterococcus
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