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Ch. 31 vocabulary

Viral Diseases of the Urogenital Tract

Acyclovir best drug for tx of all HSV infections--reduces severity and length of recurrent infections--useful in painful genital recurrences--antivirals act to inhibit viral DNA replication
Cervical carcinomas cancer of the cervix
Cofactor viruses can't cause cancer alone but require a cofactor, such as smoking, provides second and final chemical change that results in cancer development
Disseminated disease of the newborn normally lethat or possibly devastating--C-section with active lesions of genital herpes
Genital herpes caused by Herpes Simples Virus II--causes penile, vulvar, and perianal infection--spread via direcct contact--recurrence is common--can be spread if lesions are present or not
Genital warts benign tumors--papilloma virus--cause cervical carcinomas--virus needs cofactor to cause cancer--tx is surgical removal of wart--multiple sex partners--more than 4-5--asymptomatic
Herpes simplex virus II enveloped virion--DNA--causes genital herpes--high risk with multiple sex partners--recurrence common and painful in women--spread when lesions present and not present--C-section for mother with active lesions to prevent disseminated disease of the newbor
Created by: heatherlvn