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ch. 30 questions

Bacterial Diseases of the Urogenital Tract

What is the reservoir of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae? humans are the only source
what are the gram reactivity and morphology of Neisseria? bean-shaped pairs of cocci of Neisseria are gram-negative
How is gonorrhea diagnosed? dx as infectious with oxidase-pos., gram-neg, diplococci from urethral exudate and species confirmed by sugar fermentation tests
How is gonorrhea treated and prevented? tx--penicillin/cephtriaxone--risk decreases with use of condoms--no vaccine
How does N. gonorrhoeae overcome the flushing mechanism produced by urine flow? use of pili holdfasts
Describe the shape, motility, and transmission of treponema pallidum coiled, spiral-shaped, highly motile, and sexually transmitted
Primary stage of syphilis pt exhibits chancre full of organisms
Secondary stage of syphilis rash on palms and feet with fluid full of organisms
Tertiary stage of syphilis years after initial inf, pt suffers from gumma--distruction of soft tissue of bone, heart, brain internal viscera, etc--absence of bacteria
How is syphilis treated? with penicillin in first two stages, antibacterials useless during tertiary stage
what is general paresis? approx 20 yrs after syphilis inf. general group of mental illnesses--dementia--emotional instability, memory loss, impaired judgment, delusions, hallucinations, loss of vision, eye damage, speech defects
How often is chlamydial infection asymptomatic? 70% of females and 30% of males
Where must drugs travel to be effective against Chlamydia? drugs must penetrate into host cell, then into inclusion body, finally into bacteria to be effective against Chlamydia
Created by: heatherlvn