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Cultural & Spiritual

Fundamental Ch. 14 & Hill/Howlett Ch.16 & 17

Culture Shared values, beliefs end practices by majority within a group
Worldview The perspective a cultural takes of the world that is shared by group members, and that influences health and illness
Values Measurable worth of efficiency; an ideal, custom, or institution of society towards which members of the group have affective regard (emotional connection)
Spirituality Pertaining to the soul of ones self
Religion Formulized system of beliefs and worship
Rituals Religious or Spirituality practices that affirm beliefs & connection to higher
Beliefs Convictions or opinions that one considers to be true
Faith A belief that can not be proven
Atheist Doesn't believe in God or spirituality
Agnostic Person who doubts the existence of God
Baptism Religious sacrament, anointing by water
Communion Christian religion of consuming the Eucharist (Body of Christ)
Kosher Never mixing milk and meat
Circumcision Religious ritual, performed by a Mohel on the 8th day of life
Race A biological way of categorizing people; based on physical characteristics
Ethnic Groups within a race usually differentiate by geographical, religious, social & language differences
Subcultures Smaller groups within a culture who has similar views and goals in addition to the main culture
Transcultural Nursing Multicultural nursing care that recognizes cultural diversity and is sensitive to the needs of patients & families
Cultural Awareness Knowledge of history & ancestry & appreciation of their expressions, foods & celebrations
Cultural Sensitivity Refraining from being disrespectful of beliefs, using offensive language & respect patterns of communication
Cultural Competence Knowing self & examining all values, attitudes, beliefs & prejudice
Ethocentrism Believes their way of thinking & doing is the only way
Generalization Common trends, patterns & beliefs of a group
Stereotype Generalizing all cultural opinions & beliefs of a group to an individual
Bias/Prejudice Positive or negative attitudes or opinion that is unsupported by evidence
Dialects Regional language that varies in pronunciation, grammar & meaning
Personal Space Acceptable space between two people
Egalitarian Share equality between the man & women
Patriarchal Male dominated household
Matriarchal Female dominated household
Curandero Folk Healer (Hispanic beliefs)
Shaman Medicine man or woman (American Indian belief)
Chi's Universal life force or energy
Yin Negative, dark, cold, feminine (Asian/Pacific Islander American)
Yang Positive, light, warm masculine
Spiritual Stress Related to feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Created by: ere1122