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Pharm Cards


actions interactions
Drug Profile: Pr Bethanechol (Urecholine) Duvoid, Urabeth Therapeutic Class: Urinary retention (incomplete bladder emptying) treatment Pharmacologic Class: Parasympathomimetic, cholinergic receptor drug Action and Uses: Bethanechol is a direct-acti Adverse Effects and Interactions: The adverse effects of bethanechol are parasympathetic actions: increased salivation, sweating, abdominal cramping, and hypotension that can lead to fainting. It should not be given to patients with suspected urinary or
Drug Profile: Pr Atropine (Atro-Pen, Atropair, Atropisol) Therapeutic Class: Antidote for anticholinerase poisoning, antidysrhythmic, mydriatic (pupil dilating drug) Pharmacologic Class: Anticholinergic, cholinergic receptor blocker Action and uses: Adverse Effects and Interactions: The adverse effects of atropine limit its therapeutic usefulness. Adverse effects include dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention, and an increased heart rate. Atropine is usually contraindicated in patients with gla
Drug Profile: Pr phenylephrine (Neo-Synephrine) Therapeutic Class: Nasal decongestant, mydriatic agent, antihpotensive Pharmacologic Class: Sympathomimetic, alpha1 –adrenergic drug Actions and Uses: Phenylephrine is a selective alpha-adrenergic drug t Adverse Effects and Interactions: When used topically or intranasally, adverse effects are uncommon. Prolonged intranasal use can cause burning of the mucosa and rebound congestion. Ophthalmic preparations can cause narrow-angle glaucoma because of thei
Drug Profile: Pr Prazosin (Minipress) Therapeutic Class: Antihypertensive Pharmacologic Class: Sympatholytic, alpha1 –adrenergic blocker Actions and Uses: prazosin is a selective alpha1 -adrenergic blocker that competes with NE at its receptors on v Adverse Effects and Interactions: Like other alpha blockers, prazasin has a tendency to cause orthostatic hypertension due to alpha1 –inhibition in vascular smooth muscle. In rare cases, this hypotension can be so severe as to cause unconsciousness abou
Drug Profile: Pr Atenolol (Tenormin) Therapeutic Class: Drug for angina, hypertension or MI Pharmacologic Class: Beta-adrenergic blocker Action and Uses: Atenolol is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the United States due to its relative s Adverse Effects and Interactions: As a cardoselective beta1 –blocker, atenolol has few adverse effects on the lungs and is useful for patients experiencing bronchospasm. Like other beta blockers, therapy generally begins with low doses, which are gradua
Drug Profile: Pr Donepezil (Aricept, Aricept ODT) Therapeutic Class: Alzheimer’s disease agent Pharmacologic Class: Acetylcholinerase inhibitor Actions and Uses: Donepezil is a AchE inhibitor that improves memory in cases of mild to moderate Alzheim Adverse Effects and Interactions: Common adverse effects of donepezil are vomiting, diarrhea, and darkened urine. CNS adverse effects include insomnia, syncope, depression, headache, and irritability, Musculoskeletal adverse effects include muscle cramp
Drug Profile: Pr Lidocaine (Xylocaine) Therapeutic Class: Anesthetic (Local/Regional/Topical), antidysrhythmic (class IB) Pharmacologic Class: Sodium channel blocker; amide Actions and Uses: Lidocaine is the most frequently used injectable local anesth Adverse Effects and Interactions: When used for anesthesia, adverse effects are uncommon. An early symptom of toxicity is excitement, leading to irritability and confusion. Serious adverse effects include convulsions, respiratory depression, and cardia
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