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PEDS - health maint

Pediatric health promotion and maintenance

primary prevention is? activities that decrease opportunity for illness or injury
an example of primary prevention... giving immunization / teaching about car seat safety
secondary prevention is? early diagnosis and treatment of a condition to lessen its severity
an example of secondary prevention... development screening / vision and hearing screening
tertiary prevention is? restoration to optimum function
an example of tertiary prevention... rehabilitation activities after a car crash
screening tests should be administered when? 9, 18, 24 or 30 months
Denver II (birth to 6 years), guidelines? observation of 4 domains: personal social, fine motor adaptive, language, gross motor (30 min. to complete)
Bayley Infant Neurodevelopmental Screener (3 - 24 mo.), guidelines? [BINST] observation with 10-13 items for each of 6 age-specific scales: neuro process, neurodevel skills, devel accomplishments (10-15 min. to complete)
McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities (2.5 - 8.5 yrs), guidelines? observation of motor, verbal, perceptual-performance, quantitative, general cognition, memory (45 min. to complete)
Denver Articulation Screening Exam (2.6 - 6 yrs), guidelines? [DASE] observation of child's articulation of 30 sound elements and intelligibility (5 min. to complete)
Early Language Milestone Scale (birth - 36 months), guidelines [ELM] observation of child to assess auditory expressive, auditory receptive, and visual component to speech (5-10 min. to complete)
dysphonia is? hoarseness or difficulty breathing
Created by: fluency