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anti-RA 33 RA
anti-CCP RA
TRAP Osteoporosis
m/c arthritis OA
m/c viral arthritis parvovirus
HLA-B8 Lupus
HLA-DR3 Lupus
ANA Lupus
Feltys Syndrome RA, splenomegaly, low WBC
sjogrens syndrome lupus
sjogrens syndrome dry glands
discoid rash m/c on chest
jacouds RA
jacouds Lupus
CVAs lupus
Gel phenomenon OA
gel phenomenon PMR
gel phenomenon ank spond
pain decrease w/rest OA
pain decrease w/activity ank spond
short am stiffness OA
prolonged am stiffness RA
prolonged am stiffness ank spond
prolonged am stiffness PMR
decreased joint space OA
decreased joint space reiters
decreased joint space psoriatic
osteophytes OA
osteophytes reiters axial
bone spurs reiters peripheral
infectious gm- RA
infectious gonococcal arthritis
infectious reiters
klebsiella reiters
G/C, shigella, salmonella reiters
infectious PMR
sacroilitis ank spond
sacroilitis reiters
organic brain syndrome SLE
organic brain syndrome lyme
enthesitis ank spond
enthesitis reiters
enthesitis of colitis
sausage digit reiters
sausage digit psoriatic
sausage digit of colitis
spinal fusion ascending ank spond
spinal fusion descending reiters
ant eveitis ank spond
conjunctivitis reiters
iritis episcleritis psoriatic
uveitis J. RA
thick/yellow reiters
pitting/onycholysis/ridging psoriatic
Feltys syndrome RA
feltys syndrome enlarged spleen
feltys syndrome low WBC
sjogrens syndrome seen w/SLE
CREST seen w/scleroderma
Raynauds scleroderma
calcinosis scleroderma
espohageal dysmotility scleroderma
telangiectasis scleroderma
stills disease systemic J. RA
temp >101 stills disease
growth delay stills disease
lymphadenopathy stills disease
hepatosplenomegaly stills disease
weight loss stills disease
urethritis reiters
conjunctivitis reiters
arthritis reiters
p-anca vasculitides
c-anca vasculitides
ANA lupus
ANA scleroderma
factor 8 PMR
RF lyme
complement SLE
anti-jo1 polymyositis
anti-pL7 polymyositis
anti-RA33 RA
anti-CCP RA
anti-dsDNA SLE nephritis
Anti-RNP SLE & CT disease
Anti-Sm SLE - more specific
TRAP osteoporosis
anti-SCL-70 scleroderma
bambbo spine ank spond
bambbo spine of colitis
pencil in cup psoriatic
hep B antigen polyarteritis nodosa
HLA-B27 ank spond
HLA-B27 reiters
HLA-B27 psoriatic
HLA-B27 of colitis
juvenile B27+ J. RA
anti-SSA sjogrens & SLE
anti-SSB sjogrens & SLE
high uric acid gout
high uric acid psoriatic
DIP psoriatic
PIP parvovirus adult
PIP psoriatic
jaccouds RA
jaccouds SLE
knees pseudogout
knees lyme
shoulder/pelvis PMR
Remicade IV
Remicade 4-8 weeks
Enbrel 2/wk
kineret daily
kineret IL1 receptor antagonist
humira every other week
hyaluronic acid once weekly for 3-5 weeks
hyaluronic acid OA
normal ESR OA
M/C metabolic bone disease Osteoporosis
causes osteoporosis steroids/MTX
BDM testing every 2 yrs
contraindication of bisphosphonates hypoglycemia & severe renal impairment
bisphosphonates nothing PO one hr after
bisphosphonates reduce osteoclastic activity
recomb. PTH stimulates osteoblasts
contraindications recomb PTH children/teens, ppl w/pagets disease, hx of bone cancer
dehydration followed by rehydration gout
kidney stones gout
24 hr urine gout
indomenthacin gout/pseudo
chronic pseudogout females more
early pseudogout males more
gout men
elderly PMR
renal failure SLE
antihistone antibodies SLE-drug induced
SLE-drug induced minocycline
rash on hands & feet gonococcal arthritis
screen for endocarditis & meningitis gonococcal arthritis
1g IV/IM Ceftriaxone or Rhosepin gonococcal arthritis
hands M/C parvovirus arthritis
1st sign ank spond pseudowidening
m/c achilles tendonitis enthesitis reiters
1st symptom reiters urethritis
M/C inflammatory arthritis in young men (30s) reiters
axial arthritis late finding psoriatic
m/c arthritis LE of colitis
Tx PMR 10-20mg steroid
Tx PMR prednisone
Tx PMR w/TA 60-80mg steroid
Tx PMR w/TA solumedrol
Side effects of chronic steroid use GI, increased infections, glaucoma, cataracts, HTN, osteopenia
heart block, non specific EKG lyme
CSF increased proteins Lyme
early lyme tx PO doxy, amox, clarithro 3 weeks
more severe lyme tx IV ABX 2-3wks
stage 1 lyme 3days - 4 weeks
stage 2 lyme weeks-months
stage 3 lyme >5mos
M/C arthritis before age nine J. RA
renal crisis scleroderma
restrictive lung disease scleroderma
proximal muscle weakness polymyositis
difficulty lifting head polymyositis
Cytoxan wegeners granulomatosis responds to this
prolonged morning stiffness fibromyalgia
no joint abnormalities fibromyalgia
seen w/IBS fibromyalgia
seen w/ mult drug allergies fibromyalgia
NSAIDS/analgesics dont work here fibromyalgia
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