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PEDS - newborns

Pediatric Nursing - Newborn Info

what is acrocyanosis? bluish discoloration of the hands and feet caused by the instability of the peripheral circulation system
posterior fontanel close by age? 3 months
anterior fontanel close by age? 8 to 18 months
a Ballard Score is used to? assist in the determining of the gestational age of the newborn
the Ballard Score should be completed within what time frame? first 12 hours of life
full liver functions begins by what age? 1 year
what is kernicterus? the chronic and permanent sequelae of bilirubin toxicity, may lead to cerebral palsy, auditory neuropathy, gaze and vision abnormalities, dental enamel hypoplasia
what is an effective method of reducing serum bilirubin levels and preventing kernicterus? phototherapy - high intensity fluorescent lights
glomerular filtraion begins at what age? 9 - 12 weeks
ability to concentrate urine begins at what age? 3 months
if a newborn does not void within the first ___ hours of life, the HCP should be notified? 24
newborns exhibit hyp____tonic flexion of all extremities hypertonic
what are milia? small white papules on the nose, face, forehead and upper torso caused y plugging of the sebaceous glands
what are telangiectactic nevi? capillary hemangiomas "stork bites", found on the nape of the neck and bridge of the nose - disappear in time
what are nevus flammeus? "port wine stain", hemangioma or vascular tumor - does not disappear in time
primitive gonads are bipotential until ___ weeks of gestation? 6 weeks
hemorrhagic disease of the newborn is due to? vitamin K deficiency
treatment of hemorrhagic disease in newborns? administration of phytonadione within 1 hour of birth (1mg IM - full term / 0.5mg IM - pre-term)
newborn feeding - amount first week? 2 - 3 oz / 6 - 8 per day
newborn feeding - amount first month? 3 - 4 oz / 5 - 7 per day
head circumference grows at a rate of? 1 inch / month
newborns lose heat via? convection, conduction, radiation, evaporation
convection is? transfer of heat between a solid and surface and air or liquid (ie. during a bath)
conduction is? heat transfer occurring between two solid objects (ie. contact with a cold scale / counter)
radiation is? heat transfer occurring between two objects not in contact (ie. baby near a window)
evaporation is? heat loss occurring when water on or in the body changes from a liquid to a gas (ie. not drying thoroughly after bath)
position to decrease incidence of SIDS? back to sleep
common newborn screenings? phenylketonuria congenital hypothyroidism, galactosemia, sickle cell disease
infant care seat best placement? rear facing, middle back seat
a child is considered pre-mature if born? <37 weeks gestation
a child is considered post-mature if born? >42 weeks gestation
what is Beckwith Wiedeman Syndrome is classified as an overgrowth syndrome, which means that affected infants are considerably larger than normal (macrosomia) and continue to grow and gain weight at an unusual rate during childhood
humerus fractures (do / do not) require splinting and/or immobilization do not
what is respiratory distress syndrome? a breathing disorder that affects newborns, common in premature infants because their lungs aren't able to make enough surfactant
skin of post-mature babies may appear what color? green if mecorium was passed in utero
Created by: fluency
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