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nurs 222

planning & decision making

def planning having a specific aim or purpose and mapping out a program or method beforehand to accomplish goals
reasons to plan at work minimize risk to me and pt, avoids a crisis
what is the planning process assessment, goal setting, implementation and evaluation,
what do new grads struggle with most delegation and time management and prioritization
discharge planning: when does it begin; assess what; discharge planning mandated by what on day one; current needs, current plan of care, needs after discharge, where did patient live prior to admission, capabilities, teaching-learning needs, support system, time for discharge, insurance; joint commission
Decision-Making: def; what is the first thing in decision making; what are the steps process of developing a commitment to a particular course of action; identification and selection of options; gather data, analyze, develop alternatives, choose and implement, evaluate
why is group decision making helpful can strengthen a process, increase acceptance, participative style, time consuming
critical thinking: def; used when; ask what intellectual process of actively applying, analyzing evaluating info; in planning, problem solving, decision-making; who, what, where, when and why
critical thinking questions: anticipate questions ___ may ask; ask whom to think out loud with you; replace I don't know with what others; an expert; I'll find out
clinical decision-making strategies: prioritize by what; do not do anything when; follow what in the agency maslows needs; when we do not know why and what the risks are; policy and procedures of agency;
Time management: what are the 3 steps of it; set priorities, complete the highest priority task first, reprioritize the remaining tasks;
ABCDs of prioritizing: what is A; what is B; what is C; what is C absolute- priority; better-important but not as urgent; can wait; don't worry about it
tips for time management: take time to plan your day, get a routine, set your goals, set priorities, ABCs maslows, organize your report sheet, stay focused, to-do list- finish task before moving to on to another; appropriate delegation, don't let you email and you cell phone
Created by: jmkettel