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nurs 222

TRENDS 3.1.2

Florence Nightingale: what year; founder of what; what did she do 1859; modern nurse; thinker, clean environment, put client in the best possible condition for nature to act upon him, recruited nurses and educated them, kept stats that led to change
nursing education: what is goal to increase BSN by 2020 in ten years 80%
what is NLN education competencies model new model 2010 guide curriculum review and changes in the next year
pavalko's eight dimensions of a profession: 1) a profession has relevance to what; 2)a profession has __ period; 3) elements of self motivation address what social values; training or educational period; theway in which the profession serves the client or family and larger social reform
pavalko's eight dimensions of a profession: 4) a profession has a code of ___; a profession has a commitment to what; 6) members control what; profession has what framework; members have a common what ethics; lifelong work; their profession; a theoreticalframework on wich professional practice is based; identity and a distinctive subculture
ANA: represents what; what did they write in 1988; when where standards of practive revised nursing in legislative activities; the social policy statement; 2010
NLN education trends: what are the changes in demographics and increasing diversity; other trends age of nurse and student; technological explosion, globalization of the world's economy and society, the era of the educated consumer, alternative therapies and genomics and palliative care, shift to population based care and increasing complexity of care
short term strategic plan promoate safe working habits, improve org and design of nursing tasks, set up collaborative multidisciplinary teams, create respectful and supportive nursing workplace
Created by: jmkettel