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nurs 222

healthcare organizations power and empowerment

organizational culture: institute for safe medical practices- what is it study safety in healthcare-what is important, what is are value and the way things work
organizational culture: ways to establish safety survey staff, pt surveys, new hire interviews, exit intervies, performance evals
culture of nursing: def of caring nurse; what is a culture of caring promoting health, healing, and hope in response to the human condition; our concern and consideration for the whole person our commitment to the common good and our outreach to those who are vulnerable.
trends affecting the rising cost of healthcare: what are intrinsic factors; what are extrinsic factors population characteristics, health care demand, employer-paid health insurance; availability of technology, prescription drug costs, workforce costs
trends affecting the rising cost of healthcare: what is the healthcare demand we expect the best;
organization for economic co-operation and development: examines what; who does this the challenges of globalization by examining economics, social and environmental; forum that consists of governments from 30 democracies
economics of healthcare: def; do we ration healthcare; what does ANA say whom we provide care too the allocation of scarce resources; no; all
medicare: they pay for what; who do they pay for in outpatient care; what is the prospective payment system; inpatient health care; for pt over age 65; the DRG- so much money is delegated to pay for this pt;
business and industry groups: what is the leapfrog group; they monitor the hospitals and they want their client to go to the best
major players of the healthcare medicare, business and industry, physicians, hospitals, public, nursing
managed care organizations: HMO- members pay what; they have to select what type of physician; out of network service requires what; this encourages what; is preventative care payed for premium and fixed copay; PCP; approval; preventative care; yes
managed care organizations: PPO- aka; what do members pay; select what type of physician; do they pay for preventative care preferred provider organization; members pay premium,deductible and co-pay; one from the list preferred physician; may or may not
managed care organizations: POS- aka; who offers it;these pts can see whom; what is downside point of service; HMO, FFS: anyone in network or out of network; higher premium and co-pay
managed care organizations: common to all- what is the goal; promotes what c minimize payment of excessive, inappropriate services;competition
Accreditation of health care agencies: the joint commission- what is a sentinel event; what is root cause analysis unexpected occurance involving deaths or serious physical or psych injury; matrix to investigate a sentinel event;
Accreditation of health care agencies: the joint commission- what is ORYX; core measure sets;
Accreditation of health care agencies: where is the patient bill of rights found; American hospital association
POWER: def; what can it be; gives ability to influence another person despite that person's resistance; actual or potential intended or unintended
sources of power: ex reward; ex coercive; ex of legitimate; ex referent; ex of expert this is our employer; bad power- if you do not do this I will punish; power that comes with the title (RN, CEO); power comes in knowing- I know something; education and write legislator ect
empowering nurses: what are some feelings of empowerment; self determination, meaning, competence, impact, manageable workload, reward and recognition, fairness,
how to increase your expert power, participate in interdisciplinary conference, attend continuing education, attend professional meetings, participate in research topics, read evidenced based practice, return to school
Created by: jmkettel