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nurs 222

communication 3.2.2

principles of communication: message should be ___; what words; what else communicates message besides verbals; acknowledge what; keep what from interfering; recognize what clear; simple and precise; nonverbal; feelings of others; personal values; environment you are in and yours feelings
Listening skills: focus attention on what; control what; listen and accept what; pay attention to what communication; as nurse manager what what is being said; emotional response; other persons needs and feelings; nonverbal; listen to all sides
communicating effectively: present what type of iimage; professional (dress, and spelling);
communicating effectively how communicate with manager communicate with PCAs do not go around and make appoint. ; get their attention, clear, ask for feedback followup
gender differences and communication: women communicate how the see the big picture, more comfortable asking questions, use softer, quieter approach, less competitive, less aggressive in asking direct questions;
gender differences and communication: men communicate how more logical and direct, ask fewer questions, more aggressive and assertive, more team oriented
how to prevent the grapevine provide factual information, communicate, face-toface; don't spread rumors, hold a meeting to provide information and answer questions, make syre what is put in writing is clear
communication in healthcare- what are issues with EHR; electronic health record- we can still click on wrong chart;
nursing informatics- what is it ppl who write the programs
styles of communication: def passive or avoidant; def assertive; def aggressive lets others push him around; a person stands up for him in a way that doesn't violate the basic rights of another person; person puts his or her own needs, rights and feelings first and communicates that in an angry, dominating way
assertive communication: strategyies use I think, I feel I want. and I feel ____ about _____ bc/ _____
when to use assertive communication communicating expectations, saying no, accepting criticism, accepting compliments, giving criticism, providing feedback, asking for help, find workable solution, sometimes you just have to follow orders
physician orders: what is the best way to write it; what are the 3 components; physician to write; what, how, when;
ex on how to write a TO ex: Tylenol 650 mg by mouth every 6 hours as needed for discomfort. VORD T.O. Dr. Johnson / s. Zemke SN/ and add RN
physician orders: always read back what; who is responsible for the TO; the order; nurse not unit clerk'
physician orders: documentation should include what date, time, and 3 components, also document why it is in the med record and x out blank lines
physician orders: what are errors associated with them omissions, interpretations, identification;
what does SBAR stand for situation, background, assessment, recommendation,
what is included in change of shift report use SBAR, ID the patient, diagnosis, why is person in the hospital, treatment plan, patient's response to current treatment, pertintent labs, etc that are pending, new orders, new meds, safety and discharge plan
Created by: jmkettel