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Auto technology exam

What are the four strokes in order? Intake, compression, power, exhaust
What position are the valves in during the compression stroke? Closed
What are two purposes of the flywheel? 1. It keeps the engine running smooth 2. Starts the engine
What produces the voltage needed to create a spark? The coil
What does the crankshaft turn reciprocating motion into? Rotary motion
What does the valve spring do? It closes the valves
what does the piston do? It transfers the force of expanding gasses to the connecting rod.
What does the connecting rod do? It transfers force from the piston to the crankshaft.
What does the crankcase do? It encloses the internal parts and helps seal in the oil.
What does the shroud do? It covers the moving parts and helps air circulation to cool the engine.
What does the cylinder head do? It covers the top of the cylinder and contains the combustion chamber.
What's the job of the throttle valve? The throttle valve opens both sides for the air/fuel mixture.
What is the speed of the camshaft, compared to the crankshaft? Half of its speed
What is the job of the rocker arm? To open the intake valve.
Created by: emilyxswan