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Pharm 5-7 Review

Exam Review for Chapters 5-7

When subtracting, if fractions do not have the same denominator, change the fractions so they have the... The smallest common denominator
In Roman numerals, if a lower valued letter is placed before a higher valued letter... The lower-valued letter is subtracted from the higher-valued letter
In writing a decimal fraction, always place a... A zero to the left of the decimal point
The two quantities in a ratio are separated by a colon, which means Division
To change a percent to a decimal, move the decimal point Two places to the left
Mill-equivalents and international units indicate the... The strengths of certain drugs
Vitamins are measured in... International units
Household measurements are not precisely accurate, so they should never be used in the The medical setting
What is the smallest unit of measurement? Microgram
What is the largest unit of measurement? Kiloliter
16 oz. is equivalent to 1: 1 pound
The amount to be administered at one time is known as the The desired dose
Changing the strengths of the drug ordered and the drug available into a single unit is known as... Conversion
Tablets may be broken into parts only if they are notched or? Scored
Injectable medications may be prescribed in units, grains, or... Milligrams (MLs)
schedule of dosing for a drug is the... The dosing regimen
To prevent medication errors, what abbreviation should be avoided? "U"
Before calculating a child’s dose by body weight, you must first convert his or her weight into... Kilograms
In the formula D/H X Q = X, the D stands for the desired dosage
In the formula D/H X Q = X, the H stands for the dosage available
In the formula D/H X Q = X, the X stands for The number of units the desired dosage will be contained in
Unexpected occurrences involving death, serious physical or psychological injury are called... Sentinel events
Toxic effects of medications may be caused by... decreased renal function, altered memory and less acute vision.
The most common medication error involves... Dosages
Medication errors can occur in how many stages within the medication process? "3"
Which of the general recommendations may reduce medication errors? Providing suitable work environments for safe, effective drug preparation. Clearly defining a system for drug administration. Using standardized measurement systems.
How many drug orders and label checks must be performed when dispensing and administering medications? Three
. A separate written report that is completed after updating the specific records about a medication error is known as a? An Incident or occurrence report.
The steps that can help in avoiding medication errors and promoting safe administration of medications include assessment, planning, implementation, and... Evaluation
Why are children more likely to experience medication errors in relation to dosages? Because dosages are based on the child's body weight.
First stage errors can occur during prescribing or ordering when practitioners are... Distracted or interrupted.
Manufacturing mistakes can lead to? Medication errors!
Created by: aholsworth