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GCSE Vocab

青(あお)(い) blue
赤(あか)(い) red
いろ colour
きいろ(い) yellow
黒(くろ)(い) black
白(しろ)(い) white
ちゃいろ(い) brown
はいいろ(の) grey
ピンク(の) pink
みどり(の) green
いっしょうけんめい diligently, with all one's energy
いっしょに together
いっぱい full
じゅうぶん enough
すぐ(に) immediately
ずっと all the time, much more
ぜひ definitely, by all means
だいたい more or less
たいてい mostly, usually
たとえば for example
たぶん probably, perhaps
だんだん gradually
ちょうど exactly, just
ちょっと a little
とくに especially
はじめて for the first time
ひとりで alone
ほとんど almost
ほんとうに really
まず first of all
まっすぐ(に) straight ahead, straight on
もういちど once again
もちろん of course
もっと more
ゆっくり slowly, leisurely
よく often, well
しかし however, but
じゃ/じゃあ (well) then, in that case
そして (and) then
それから (and) then, after that
それに besides, moreover
だから therefore
では (well) then, in that case
でも however, but
(お)しょうがつ New Year
(お)ぼん ‘Bon’ festival
Created by: Itchen College