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GCSE Vocab

ついて来(く)る to follow (to come)
つかう to use
つかれる to be tired
つく to arrive, reach
つくる to make
つたえる to convey a message
つづく to last, to continue
つづける to continue
つれて行(い)く to take (person)
つれて来(く)る to bring (person)
出(で)かける to set out, depart
できる can, be able to
手(て)つだう to help, assist
出(で)る to go out
電話(でんわ)(する) (to) phone
とおる to pass through
泊(と)まる to stay
止(と)まる to stop
止(と)める to stop something
とる to catch, take
なおす to fix, mend, to cure
なおる to be cured
なく to cry
なくなる pass away, disappear
なげる to throw
ならう to learn
成(な)る to become
にげる to escape
にる to look like, resemble
ぬぐ to take off
ねる to go to bed
のぼる to climb
飲(の)む to drink
入(はい)る to enter
はじまる to start, begin
はじめる to start, begin something
はしる to run
働(はたら)く to work
話す(はな  ) to talk, speak
はる to stick, paste
はんたい(する) (to) oppose
ひく(引(ひ)く) to pull
びっくりする to be surprised
ひろう to pick up
ふえる to increase
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