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Ch. 30 vocabulary

Bacterial Diseases of the Urogenital Tract

Cervicitis cervical inflammation
Chancre painless ulcer on the genitalia--primary disease--males usually see, not females--layer of fluid that is highly contagious covers the lesion--syphilis
Chlamydia gram-neg, obligate intracellular pathogen--unable to make ATP, vegitative intracellular, infectious extracellular, most infectious bacterium in world, grows in phagocytes, 70% females-30%males asymptomatic-chlamydia trachomatis
Energy parasites unable to make ATP--must transport from host cells
General paresis dementia due to syphilis--occurs approx. 20 yrs after infection--emotion instability, memory loss, impaired judgment, delusions, hallucinations, loss of vision, eye damage, speech defects
gonococcus GC--gonnohea
Gonorrhea gram-neg--bean-shaped dilocci-ialso called gonococcus(GC)--males-urethritis, dysuria, pus-like exudate--women-cervicitis, pharyngitis, proctitis, conjunctivitis-babies, PID--Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Gummas syphlis--destruction of soft tissue of bone, heart, brain, internal viscera, etc.-few/no organisms present--penicillin not effective--tertiary stage
Inclusion conjunctivitis eye infection in babies--endosomal bags of growing Chlamydia--seen in cytoplasm of eye cells
Nongonococcal urethritis NGU--most commonly caused by C. trachomatis
PID pelvic inflammatory disease--may lead to infertility due to scar tissue on fallopian tubes
Pilin protein that comprises pili--pilin-neg strains of gonococcus are nonpathogenic--can't attach well and are washed away by urinary stream--
Reservoir humans only source--gonorrhea
Salpingitis chlamydia--bacteria can ascent asymptomatically to follopian fubes cause scaring-leads to closure and sterility
Syphilis spirochete--neither gram-neg or gram-pos--Treponema pallidum--3 stages--chancre, rash-typically on palms and soles, mucous patches in mouth--tertiary stage gummas--
Trachoma eye disease caused by C. trachomatis--problems in areas of the world without ABT--hypersensitivity reactions due to multiple infections--greatest cause of blindness in the world
Urethritis inflammation of the urethra
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