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GCSE Vocab

会(あ)う to meet
上(あ)がる to go up, enter
あく to open
あける to open something
あそぶ to play, muck about
あつまる to gather
あつめる to collect
あらう to wash
あるく to walk
安心(あんしん)する (to be) relieved
あつまる to gather
言(い)う to say, be called
行(い)く to go
いそぐ to hurry
いる(いります) to need
入(い)れる to put in
うける to sit exams, to receive
うたう to sing
うつ to hit, bang
うまくいく to succeed, go well
うんてん(する) (to) drive
売(う)る to sell
えらぶ to choose
おきる to get up
おくる to send
おくれる to be late
おこる to get angry
教(おし)える to teach
おす to push
おちる to fall, fail
おとす to drop
おぼえる to remember, memorise
思(おも)い出(だ)す to recall
思(おも)う to think
およぐ to swim
おりる to get off
おわる to end, to finish
買(か)う to buy
かえす to return, give back
帰(かえ)る to return, go home
かかる to take (time)
かんがえる to think, consider
書(か)く to write
かす to lend
かつ to win
かりる to borrow
がんばる to try hard
聞(き)く to hear, listen, ask
聞(き)こえる to/can be heard
きまる to be decided
切(き)る to cut
きる to wear
きをつける to be careful, mind
Created by: Itchen College