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2013 Science Final

Use these to help you prepare for the final exam on 6/12/13

What instrument would you use to measure an irregularly shaped solid? graduated cylinder
What is an inference? a guess or prediction based on data
What do we call an orderly process used to solve problems and investigate the world? scientific method
What is an observation something you use five senses for
Compared to water, ice cubes are ______ dense. less dense
What tools do you need to find the density of a plastic block? ruler and triple beam balance
If something sinks to the bottom of a beaker of water, than the density must be more than 1/gcm3
Give an 2 examples of a physical change melting ice, burning wood
What charge does a proton have? positive
What are the properties of the shape and volume of a gas? No definite shape or volume
What are the properties of the shape of a liquid? no definite shape
What is the property of the shape of a solid? a definite shape
What elements are solid and shiny at room temparature? metals
Most of the elements in the periodic table are... metals
Give a chemical change of water? changing to hydrogen peroxide
When LIKE poles are brought close together, what will happen to the magnets? they will repel each other
The ends of magnets are called ________. poles
Electricity is the movement of _______. electrons
The path that transfers energy is called a ______. circuit
Wire is often covered in plastic to prevent electric shock. Why? Plastic does not conduct electricity
An electron has a _________ charge. negative
Most energy in the US is from __________. fossil fuels
What formed fossil fuels? remains of dead plants and animals from millions
Name a nonrenewable resource. natural gas
If two OPPOSITE poles are put near each other, the magnets will ______. attract
What types of objects are attracted to magnets? metals
What is closely related to magnetism? Electricity
Created by: missgibsonsclass