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World Geo Final

Hemisphere = 1/2 of the earth that breaks up the world into E/W halves and S/N halves
What does a physical map show? shows landforms + bodies of water w/contours
What does a political map show? man-made features like territories
What does a qualitative map show? shows patterns in regions w colors + symbols
What does a cartogram show? shows info about country other than land
What does a flow-line map show? shows movement of people/ideas with arrows
Longitude goes in what direction? N to S
Latitude goes in what direction? E to W
define prime meridian imaginary line that divides E + W hemispheres
Define equator imaginary line that divides N + S hemispheres
Define globe 3D representation of th world
How is sediment formed? when weathering breaks rock into small pieces
what is continental drift theory that all continents were once a supercontinent that slowly split apart over time
define fault fracture in the earth's crust
define tsunami giant wave in the ocean
define climate weather in a certain region over long time period
What is infrastructure? power, water, transportation systems that help economy grow
Define innovation Creating new things to meet a need in society
What does population density show? how heavily populated an area is
What is diffusion? spread of ideas, inventions, behaviors to new places
What is AIDS + How is it contracted? disease of the immune system; through sex
What is cholera + How is it contracted? infection in small intestine; unclean water
What is tuberculosis + How is it contracted? respiratory infection; through air
What is malaria + How is it contracted? infection caused by mosquitos
Who controlled much of Africa at the end of the 19th century European countries like belgium, france, britain
What issues were there when colonial powers pulled out of africa? weak economies + disputes among regions + corrupt leaders
What is the significance of Nile River? very long river that provides water for farming
What are rift valleys? areas where tectonic plates pulled apart and land sunk in
What is the highest mt. in Africa? Mt. Kilimanjaro
What is an escarpment? steep slope with flat plateau top
Largest desert in world + what continent its in Sahara desert in Africa
What does an oasis do? provides water + vegetation in desert
What is the Serengeti grasslands in E Africa with many animals
What is the canopy top layers of trees in forest
What is Aksum? Early east african civilization with powerful trade through red sea
what was the berlin conference? European countries met and divided africa between themselves
What was Olduvai Gorge? place in Tanzania with fossils of early humans
What is the Masai? major ethnic group in E african grasslands that herd animals
What was Carthage? E African empire located on peninsula and had powerful trade
Who's teachings is Islam based on Muhammad
What are N African souks? busy marketplaces that sell clothes + food
What are Fang sculptures? bone/skull sculptures made by ethnic group called Fang
Who was Mobutu Sese Seko? A DRC leader who stabilized but then became corrupt
Who was King Leopold II Belgian king who took over the Congo for trade + resources
What is monotheism religion that believes in only 1 god
What are the 5 pillars of Islam? faith, fasting, prayer, charity, Hajj
/Where is Islam prevalent Middle East, Africa, SE Asia
What are 2 holy Islamic sites? Ka'aba in Mecca, Jerusalem
What are the 2 sects of Islam Sunni and Shiite
Who is the Jewish prophet? Moses
What is the holy jewish book called? Torah
What is a holy jewish site western wall in jerusalem
/What is desertification when moist areas next to deserts get dry
What is the middle eastern climate? arid (hot, dry, little water)
What is the main geographic feature of middle east? desert
What are the main waterways around the middle east? Red Sea, Persian gulf, suez canal
Why are the Tigris and Euphrates rivers significant and what countries do they run through? support farming + run through Turkey and Iraq
What is OPEC and what countries are part of it? group of oil exporting countries that regulates global oil prices (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezula, Bahrain)
What are the West Bank and Gaza Strip strips of land next to Israel where Palestinian refugees live
Summarize the Middle Eastern Conflict Jews for looking for homeland; after WWII were given part of Palestine by UN, been fighting for territory ever since
What is the significance of Ganges river for Hindus? sacred, brings life to people, washes away sins
What are alluvial plains? fertile because of river silt deposits
What is an archipelago? Give example group of small islands, maldives
What is a cyclone? violent storm with heavy wind + rain
What is a storm surge? cyclones that bring high waters + cause flooding
What river is important to Bangladesh> Feni River
What effect does overgrazing have on pakistan? causes soil erosion + loss of biodiversity
When did the Indus valley civilization exist? 2500 BCE to 1500 BCE
Who are the Sinhalese? people who moved from India to Sri Lanka and created advanced civilization
Who are the Tamils Dravidian hindu group from S india who settled on northern part of sri lanka
Who are the Sherpas nepalese group in Himalayas who serve as mt guides
What are the basic necessities listed by government? food, shelter, clothing
Why did India and Bangladesh fight over water after the creation of the Farakka Dam? the dam cut off bangladesh's water supply
What have caused economic impacts in South Asia? Crop failure + buildings destroyed by extreme weather
what type of monsoon might result in a drought? winter
What is the worst weather in S Asia cyclone
Why is abundance of workers important for South Asia? lots of industries so important to have workers
What is the yellow river? huang he in China that carries yellow silt into Yellow Sea
What are the Kunlun mts? west of china + source of yellow and yangzte rivers
what is the Xi Jian River river in S China that forms an estuary + has imp minerals
What is the Chang Jiang river? longest river in Asia + used for trade
What divides China into n and S regions? Qinling Shandi Mts.
Where is china's desert region? What are 2 deserts west central part of china; Taklimakan and Gobi Desert
What are some other significant land features in East Asisa? tundras, mongolian plateau
What are the vegetation zones in East Asia evergreen forests in N, tundra in highlands
What is the Three Gorge Dam? dam being built on Chang Jiang river in china to help control flooding + generate power
What is a landfill? method where refuse is buried between layers of dirt to fill in low-lying ground
Where are the highest population densities in China and Japan? near river basins and coast
Who was Mao Zedong? Communist leader of People's republic of China
How did Europe control parts of Asia took advantage of China's weak gov/military and forced them to sign treaties
Boxer Rebellion fight where Chinese militants killed Europeans + took a lot to defeat them
What is confucianism Chinese philosophy based on importance of order and education
What is a dynasty? series of rulers from the same family
What is an economic tiger? rapid growth because of cheap labor + hi tech
What is the mongolian economy based on? herding + managing livestock
How do mongolians live> farms
what is the pacific rim? countries surrounding pacific ocean like E Asian counties
Who has the US influences East Asian countries? influences Taiwan and Japan with baseball, China with medicine
What countries have controlled Korea? China and Japan
What is Seoul? largest S Korean city
How are s Korea and N Korea divided? 38 parallel
What is a samurai japanese professional soldier who serves chiefs
What is a shogun? Japanese army general with powers of military dictator
How do the ecnomies of different countries compare in East Asia? China, Taiwan = growing, Japan = advanced, N Korea = unstable
What are 2 types of Japanese theater Noh plays = historial, Kabuki plays = fun
What does Toaism stress? harmony with nature
what is an estuary? narrow seaward end of a river
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