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Anat and Phys roots

all the roots necessary for understanding terms

Acetabul- vinegar cup
Adip- fat
Agglutin- to glue together
Aliment- food
Allant- sausage
Alveol- small cavity
an- without
Ana- up
Andr- man
Append- to hang something
ax- axis
Bil- bile
-blast bud
Brady- slow
Bronch- windpipe
Calat- something inserted
Calyc- small cup
Cardi- heart
Carp- wrist
Cata- down
Chrondr- cartilage
Chorio- skin
Choroid- skinlike
Chym- juice
-clast break
Cleav- to divide
Cochlea snail
Condyl- knob
Corac- a crow's beak
Cort- covering
Cran- helmet
Cribr- sieve
Cric- ring
-crin to secrete
Crist- crest
cut- skin
cyt- cell
de- separation from
Decidu- falling off
Dendr- tree
Derm- skin
Detrus- to force away
di- two
Diastol- dilation
Diuret- to pass urine
Dors- back
Ejacul- to shoot forth
Embol- stopper
Endo- within
Epi- upon
Erg- work
Erythr- red
Exo- outside
Extra- outside
Created by: ksheehy96