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Copyright/IP Terms

Access Copyright a non-profit copyright collective that operates in many countries including (and originating in) Canada.
Copyright A set of regulations that control the copying of original works. The legal protection on a certain expression of ideas.Only applies to a fixed expression, not ideas or concepts
Intellectual Property the legal rights encompass patenets, trade-marks, copyrights, industrial designs, etc., and are the legal rights that are held from creative pursuits..
Royalty Payment's assigned by agreement when a work is sold/assigned. Usually some percentage of the sales of each published work.
Trade-Marks Words or designs used to identify a person or organization.
Public Domain Works that belong to the public and can be used free of charge without requiring permission. These are works of which: their copyright has expired, was not eligible for copyright protections.
Moral Rights are special rights that an author has over the creative work Include the right to maintain the works integrity (work cant be edited/changed that would effect their reputation), the right to be associated with the work under a pseudonym, and anonymity.
Performing Rights There are multiple types of copyrights. Performing rights are those of a specific performance of a piece of music, for example of a performance of a play in a theatre : performance, publishing, and broadcast rights can and often are held separately
Plagiarism Copied or improperly cited use of a copyrighted work without permission by a person who is not the holder of said copyright
Fair Dealing Certain actions which do not violate copyright for some purposes, such as : for research or private study, for criticism or review, news reporting, or for some educational purposes.
Patent A right that is granted by the government of Canada which gives the inventor legal control of producing, using, or selling their invention.
Blanket License a license which gives the right to perform all works in a repertoire for a single stated fee.
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