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2ndary Prev. Final

Sensitivity proportion of people with a condition who correctly test positive when screened
Specificity proportion of people who are healthy who correctly test negative when screened
Who are the fastest growing population in the US? older adults aged 75 and above
The percentage of white americans over the age of 65 is ____________ compared to other ethnic groups decreasing
What has the greatest impact on the target audience? structured programming
As with any age group, discussing ________ to the participants yields the greatest benefit. topics of interest
True or False: Dementia is a normal part of aging. False. Dementia is NOT a normal part of aging
Dementia symptoms vary according to __________ the specific type of dementia
A score of _______ or lower on the MMSE indicates a problem with cognition. 23
What is the 1994 ANA position statement? States that nurses should not participate in assisted suicide
Refusing to care for a client could be construed as ____________ abandonment
What should you do if a person wants to commit suicide because of pain? you should consult a pain care therapist
When do traffic fatalities involving OLDER adults mainly occur? daytime
The cause of 2 vehicle accidents are frequently a ______ driver striking the car driven by __________. younger driver; older adult
The average blood alcohol level in older adults involved in accidents is ________ than the BAC level of younger drivers involved in accidents. lower
What should you ask a patient before giving the flu vaccine? You should ask about allergy to eggs
Why are egg allergies contraindicated when receiving the flu vaccine? the flu vaccine is grown in chick embryo cells
What are the 4 main signs of active TB infection? 1) Night sweats 2) Weight loss due to loss of appetite 3) Fever 4) periodic episodes of acute confusion
How long is the treatment course for an active TB infection? 9 months
How do you screen for TB? tuberculin skin test
What disease is often confused for TB? the flu
Why are elderly people sometimes more prone to injury? lack of hearing aids and ability to see
Why are older adults more prone to heat stroke? sweating decreases
What should you ask older adults during the summer? ask if they have air conditioning or a fan
What group is the largest minority in the US? Hispanic Americans
What minority group has the highest uninsured rates? Hispanic Americans
Even though Hispanic women have a breast cancer rate approximately ___% __________ than non Hispanic white women, their death rate is ________ and the cancer is diagnosed _____________. 40% lower; higher; later
What gender is more prone to be "problem drinkers"? Men
What is considered "moderate drinking" for women? one alcohol-containing drink per day
Women who are able to "hold their liquor" are _______ likely to drink excessively than those who cannot "hold their liquor" more
presbyopia a condition where with age, the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects
Age Related Macular Degeneration leading cause of vision loss for adults >60 yrs old. Gradual destruction of central vision (macula in retina), advances slowly, blurred vision, no pain
Glaucoma increased intraocular pressure due to obstruction of outflow of aqueous humor from eye's anterior compartent, which causes damage to delicate nerve fibers of the optic nerve. Causes peripheral visual field loss and gradually complete loss of vision
Manifestations of glaucoma sudden pain around eyes, nausea and vomiting, seeing colored halos around eyes, blurred vision, ocular redness, corneal edema
Diabetic Retinopathy damage to small blood vessels in retina; swell, leak, blocked and decreased blood supply to retina. Causes blurred vision, floating spots (cotton wool spots)
Cataracts gradual process of normal aging, but can occur rapidly- proteins within lens are responsible for clarity and are altered = clouding of lens
Symptoms of cataracts gradual, painless blurring, decrease in vision, abnormal color perception, glaring of vision at night, difficulty driving at night, reading, participating in sports
Research about the safety of estrogen therapy is __________ mixed
How long is estrogen therapy recommended for? 1 to 3 years
What condition is estrogen therapy recommended for? to relieve hot flashes
___________ do not need research to back up their claims of safety or efficacy natural products
________ studies indicate that children bear the emotional scars of a divorce for ___________, with most parents adjusting to the divorce within ________ after the event. Longitudinal ; a lifetime ; 3 years
What is CA-MRSA? a highly contagious bacterial infection that is difficult to treat and can result in pneumonia and death
The rate of TB infection is ________ worldwide increasing
If active TB is diagnosed, the individual is required to take medication for ____________. 6-9 months
treatment fo latent TB lasts _______ 9 months
What is resistant TB caused by? under treatment of TB and noncompliance with medication regime
How is resistant TB treated? with drugs other than the usual first line drugs
Where is the most severe and resistant TB strain found? Russia
Do older adults or younger people have a greater risk of committing suicide? older adults
people who have attempted suicide are _____ likely to attempt suicide again than people who have not attempted suicide. more
____________ have a global focus and involved developing and developed countries. Nurse play a major role in this health care initiatives
How many deaths on average are caused by tobacco use? 1 in 5
SARS is a _________ that spread globally from _______ to ________ and ________. flu-like illness; China; Canada; the US
Research has not demonstrated that major hosts for the SARS virus are ________ and _________ chickens; pigs
What kind of virus is SARS? coronavirus (but not characteristic)
5 symptoms of SARS 1) temp above 100 2) diarrhea 3) Muscle aches 4) headache 5) dry cough (48 hrs to 1 week after initial symptoms)
Women in _____ countries have a lower rate of physical abuse than women in ___________ countries developed; developing
true or false: physical violence always precedes sexual violence false
Are age, partnership status, or education level predictors of violence? no
_________ relationships are a greater predictor of the likelihood of dating violence than are ___________ relationships. peer; parent-child
True or False: dating violence is rare false
In a study about dating violence, how many students reported being the victim of dating violence? 1/4
What years does young adulthood span? 18-35
the number of young adults in the US is ________, and the maternal mortality rate is at the ________ level since 1980 declining; highest
When should a woman start getting a pap test? after 3 years of sexual activity or at 21 years of age
The incidence of carcinoma in situ is ______ in young adults. high
Research has not fully supported whether _______ reduce breast cancer mortality breast self exams
Meningococcal disease has a _________ mortality rate high
Meningococcal disease is caused by a _______. bacterium
True or false: there is a vaccine for meningococcal disease true
what is metabolic syndrome? 1) high cholesterol 2) high blood pressure 3) high blood sugar
What condition does metabolic syndrome put a person at risk for? CAD
True or false: You should stay completely out of the sun false
True or False; tanning beds are safe false
Why do women experience as much (or more) stress as men? child care issues
Approximately ______ % of marriages end in divorce 50
Approximately _____% of children with divorced parents have no contact with their father 50
Divorce creates feelings of ______ and _____ guilt and sadness
What is Plan B? emergency contraception drug (does not terminate pregnancy)
Plan B must be used within ___ days of unprotected sex 3
Plan B can be purchased in approx. _____ states by women ____ or older 10; 18
Male smokers are ___ times more likely to get lung cancer 23
____% of people in low income countries smoke 70
_____ cancer has also been traced to smoking cervical
the 2 vaccines for cervical cancer are ____ and ____ Gardisil and Cervarix
Gardasil protects against __ types of HPV, and Cervarix protects against ___ types. 4; 2
What is achievement oriented stress characterized by? lack of sleep, skipping meals, workaholic habits
_____ stress is caused by changes in job function situational
Direct questioning about __________ is appropriate for the nurse to ask during screening/counseling session. intent to harm oneself
What is the leading cause of death for young adults? binge drinking and driving
What kind of diet should be followed prior to and during pregnancy? well balanced, low in fat and sodium, and high in calcium and iron.
When are nutritional supplements required in pregnant women? when the woman is malnourished
What is the number one factor needed for health interventions? cultural sensitivity
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