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General, international migration from Poland to the UK

What is migration? The movement of people from one place to another
What are the categories for the reasons for migration? Economic, social, political, environmental
What are some economic reasons for migration? Looking for work, or better paid jobs
What are some social reasons for migration? Wanting better hospitals, schools, shops, entertainment etc
What are some political reasons for migration? Conflict, certain religious beliefs
What is internal migration? The movement of people from one place to another that is in the same country
What is international migration? The movement of people from one place to another that is in a different country
What are push factors? Reasons why people leave an area
Give an example of a push factor. Lack of services, lack of security, high crime rate, crop failure, drought
What are pull factors? The reasons why people move to a particular area
Give an example of a pull factor. Abundance of decent services, low crime rate, low risk of drought or crop failure
Flooding is an _______ reason for migration. environmental
When did Poland join the EU? 2004
The UK placed no restrictions on workers from where? Poland
Was the minimum wage higher or lower in the UK? Much higher
Was the quality of the services in the UK better or worse than the quality of Polish services? Genuinely better
The UK had better services than Poland. Was this a push or pull factor for Polish migrants? Pull
How many Polish workers arrived within two years? 600,000
What did Poland loose? A lot of workers with good qualifications
What was 'The Brain Drain'? Poland's loss of ambitious thinkers
Who followed the thinkers to the UK? Young males prepared to work for the minimum wage in manual labour
What happened between the people of different cultures? Conflict e.g. scapegoating
What happened to the crime rates? They increased due to the influx of lots of young males
There was a strain on what? Services (schools, hospitals) especially in towns with large migrant population
There was a what on resources and taxes? A strain
On the other hand, what happened to the jobs where there was a shortage? They were filled
There was a shortage of workers in which jobs? Plumbers, construction workers
How much money did Polish workers conribute to the British economy? £2 billion
Polish migrants are three times ____ ___ _____ than average British citizens. more law abiding
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