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Copyright terms


Access Copyright Access copyright is a Canadian copyright collective that aims to justly compensate copyright holders and authors/creators of original works by gathering payment from their respective users.
Copyright Copyright is a legal concept that grants full rights of production, publication and distribution of original works, including literature, music, photography, art, etcetera, to their creators.
Royalty A royalty is a payment made to the legal holder of a copyrighted or patented work or invention, from an individual or company who wishes to use the aforementioned work, invention or property for public or commercial purposes.
Trade-Marks Trade-Marks are specific and recognizable signs, labels or packages, that identify and differ the products of one business from the products of another.
Public Domain Public domain indicates original literary, artistic or scientific works that are not subject to copyright and therefore can be used freely by the public, either because the copyright has expired or because copyright never existed originally.
Moral Rights Moral rights are legal rights given to the author of a creative work, separate from copyright, that protect the integrity of the work and allow him/her to be associated with the work as its creator.
Performing Rights Performing rights are legal rights established under Canadian copyright law which permit parties other than the composer and/or publisher of original works of music to perform those works live in a public setting, such as at a theatre or in a concert.
Plagiarism Plagiarism is an infringement of copyright law in which a person reproduces the intellectual property of another, in whole or in part, without acknowledging and giving due credit to the original creator/author, or without proper permissions.
Fair Dealing Fair dealing is a lawful dispensation from Canadian copyright law, which allows for use of copyrighted material in certain cases of education, research, review or reporting based on a set of criteria which evaluate the "fairness" of the dealing.
Patent A patent is a legal government document that confers to inventors complete license to create and distribute their creation, for a twenty year period following patent application.
Blanket License A blanket license is a license usually administered by collective rights groups which entitles the holder to utilize multiple copyrighted works for a predetermined number of times, without having to seek and obtain permission for each work individually
Intellectual property Intellectual property is a concept which affirms a creator's exclusive rights to their original creations.
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