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Rome Dates

Rome Test

753 BCE Romulus founds Rome
575 BCE Etruscans take over
509 BCE Tarquin the Proud is overthrown. The Patricians begin the Republic.
494 BCE Conflict of Orders.
450 BCE 12 Tables
367 BCE 1 consul must be Plebian
287 BCE Council of Plebeians can write for all
264 BCE Rome Conquers Italy and Start of 1st Punic War
146 BCE End of Punic Wars, Rome conquers Greece and Macedonia
59 BCE 1st Triumvirate is formed, end of Republic
46 BCE Caesar declares himself dictator for life
March 15, 44 BCE Caesar is Assassinated
27 BCE - 180 CE Pax Romana (Octavian becomes emperor in 27 BCE)
14 CE Octavian dies
117 CE Roman Empire Peaks, Trajan dies, Hadrian comes to Power
284 CE Diocletian comes to power
312 CE Constantine comes to power
330 CE Constantine built new capital city at Byzantium, renaming it Constantinople
300s CE Germanic tribes invade
400 CE Christianity becomes official religion of of the Roman Empire, Empire splits
476 CE Fall of Rome (only the western half falls
Created by: Cman99