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Verbs with English translations

πληρώνω to pay
χάνω to lose
αφήνω to leave something
vιώθω to feel
διαβάζω to read
διδάσκω to teach
αγοράζω to buy
πλέκω to knit
ανοίγω to open
προσέχω to be careful
φτιάχνω to do/make
κοιτάζω to watch
παίζω to play
τρομάζω to startle
αλλάζω to change
λείπω to be absent
σκάβω to dig
βάφω to paint
δουλεύω to work
παύω to stop
δίνω to give
ακούω to hear
λέω to say
μένω to live
βλέπω to see
καταλαβαίνω to understand
μιλάω to speak
ξέρω to know
γράφω to write
θέλω to want
μαθαίνω to learn
βρίσκω to find
έχω to have
αρχίζω to start
είμαι to be
πίνω to drink
φεύγω to leave
κάνω to do
σπουδάζω to study abroad
περιμένω to wait
πηγαίνω to go
φτάνω to arrive
τρέχω to run
ανοίγω to open
τελειώνω to finish
υπάρχω to exist
ψωνίζω to shop
διαλέγω to select
παίρνω to buy/take
βάζω to put
φωνάζω to call/shout
προσέχω to be careful
κοστίζουν to cost
καπνίζω to smoke
τρώγω to eat
πίνω to drink
πλένω to wash
ταξιδεύω to travel
κόβω to cut
ετοιμάζω to prepare
γνωρίζω to know/recognize
εξετάζω to examine
φοβάμαι tο fear
μου αρέσει I like
κουβεντιάζω to chitchat
συνηθίζω to get accustomed to
μπορώ to be able to
καταφέρνω to manage
προσπαθώ to try
απαγορεύω to forbid
συμβουλεύω to advise
σκοπεύω to intend
επιμένω to insist
αποφεύγω to avoid
φωνάζω to call
καθαρίζω to clean
συγυρίζω to tidy
φτιάχνω to make/fix
μυρίζω to smell
ξεκουράζω to rest something
γυρίζω to be at
κλείνω to close
νομίζω to think
μαγειρεύω to cook
λέγω to say
ετοιμάζω to prepare
ζυμώνω to knead
κινδυνεύω to be at risk, in danger
ομορφαίνω to beautify
γεννήθηκα I was born
περναω to pass time
σκεπάζω to cover
παρακολουθώ to follow
προστατευω to protect
γεμίζω to become
υπογράφω to sign
μου είπε he told me
βγαίνω to get out of
τρώω to eat
γυρίζω to go from place to place
μοιράζω to share
λείπω to be absent
λήγω to expire/ to be due
εξαργυρώνω to cash
συμπληρώνω to fill out/complete
παίρνω to take
σου ιποσχομαι I promise
ντύνω to dress
θυμώνω to be angry
διώχνω to kick out
κρύβω to hide
δειχνω to show
δένω to tie
ανάβω to light, to turn on
βγαινω to go out
χορευω to dance
κατεβαινω to get off (bus)
ανεβαινεις to get on (bus)
βρεχει it is raining
χιονίζει it is snowing
τελειώνω to finish
σβήνω to put out
οδηγώ to drive
σήκωνω to raise (to pick up)
σβήνω to extinguish
διέχνω to show, point out
Created by: mavrikpe



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