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我和中国 vocab ch12

文化 wen2hua4 (culture)
ju4 (gather)'聚'会上,他一个人喝酒,也不和人搭赸。
逢年过节 feng2nian2-guo4jie2 (on New Year's Day)'逢年过节',我们都会串亲访友。
相聚 xiang1ju4 (gather)同学们毕业十年了,今天才得以'相聚'。
一连 yi1lian2 (in succession)
yu4 (meet)
红白喜事 hong2-bai2 xi3shi4 (weddings and funerals)
生孩子 sheng1 hai2zi (give birth to a baby)
过生日 guo4 sheng1ri4 (celebrate one's bday)
当事人 dang1shi4ren2 (person involved, legal term)
所有 suo3you3 (all)
亲戚 qin1qi (relative)
shei2 (who)
搬家 ban1jia1 (move house)
升级 sheng1ji2 (promoted)
毕业 bi4ye4 (graduate)
zhao3(look for)
工作 gong1zuo4 (work)
什么的 shen2mede(and so on)
亲朋好友 qin1peng2-hao3you3 (relatives and friends)
少不了 shao3buliao3(can't do without)
庆祝 qing4zhu4(celebrate)
求人 qiu2ren2(ask for help)
帮忙 bang1mang2(help out)
事后 shi3hou3(afterward)
无论如何 wu2lun4-ru2he2(in any case)
dun4(measure word for meals)
远方 yuan3fang1(distant place)
不亦乐乎 bu4 yi4 le4 hu1(isn't it a pleasure?)
既然 ji4ran2(since;now that)
干杯 gan1bei1(cheers)
表达 biao3da2(express)
方式 fang1shi4(way)
总之 zong3zhi1(in short)
理由 li3you2(reason;excuse)
甚至 shen4zhi4(even;so much so that)
bian1(make up)
单单 dan1dan1(alone;only)
肚子 du4zi (belly)
重要 zhong4yao4(important)
jie4(borrow;make use of)
机会 ji1hui4(opportunity)
交流 jiao1liu2(exchange)
信息 xin4xi1(information)
感情 gan3qing2(feeling;emotion)
享受 xiang3shou4(enjoy)
今晚 jin1 wan3(this evening)
宴会 yan4hui4(banquet)
* 满汉全席 * Man3han4 Quan2xi2 (Feast of Complete Manchu-Han Courses)
* 兴于 * xing1yu2 (start from)
* 官府 * guan1fu3 (local authorities)
* 奏乐 * zou4yue4 (strike up tune; play music)
* 鸣炮 * ming2pao4 (fire guns/cannons (in salute))
离不开 li2 bu kai1 (can't do without)
Created by: yalice0
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