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第三单元 - 饮食和健康

Diet and Health

EnglishCharacter — Pinyin
Market 市场,shi chang
Vegatables 蔬菜,shu cai
Fruits 水果,shui guo
Fresh; Delicious 鲜,xian
Fresh; New 新鲜,xin xian
Common 常见,chang jian
Potato 土豆,tu dou
Kidney Bean 四季豆,si ji dou
Melon 瓜,gua
Pumpkin 南瓜,nan gua
Watermelon 西瓜,xi gua
Cucumber 黄瓜,huang gua
Cabbage 卷心菜,juan xin cai
Cauliflower 菜花,cai hua
Persimmon 柿,shi
Tomato 西红柿,xi hong shi
Carrot 胡萝卜,hu luo bo
Apple 苹果,ping guo
Pear 利,li
Grape 葡萄,pu tao
Banana 香蕉,xiang jiao
Peach 桃子,tao zi
Plum 李子,li zi
Strawberry 草莓,cao mei
Lively; Bustling with noise and excitement 热闹,re nao
Snacks 零食,ling shi
From morning till night 一天到晚,yi tian dao wan
corn 玉米,yu mi
Corn Flakes 玉米片,yu mi pian
Sausage 香肠,xiang chang
Box Lunch 盒饭,he fan
Leg; Ham 腿,tui
Ham 火腿,huo tui
Drumstick 鸡腿,ji tui
Thick Fruit Juice; Fruit Jelly 酪,lao
Cheese 奶酪,nai lao
Jar; Pot; Tin 罐,guan
Coke 可乐,ke le
Deep-Fry 炸,zha
Potato; Yam 薯,shu
French Fries 薯条,shu tiao
Crisps; Chips 薯片,shu pian
Chocolate 巧克力,qiao ke li
Dry; Dried Food 干,gan
Biscuit; Cracker 饼干,bing gan
Sweets; Candy 糖果,tang guo
...extremely ,,,极了,。。。ji le
supermarket 超级市场,chao ji shi chang
the more...the more... 越。。。越。。。,yue。。。yue。。。
fall short of; wrong; poor 差,cha
more and more 越来越。。。,yue lai yue。。。
need; require 需,xu
need; want 需要,xu yao
nutrition 营养,ying yang
get; receive 得到,de dao
food 食物/食品,shi wu/shi pin
staple food 主食,zhu shi
contain 含,han
carbohydrate 碳水化合物,yan shui hua he wu
tie up; maintain 维,wei
vitamin 维他命,wei ta ming/维生素,wei sheng su
protein 蛋白质,dan bai zhi
cake; pastry 糕饼,gao bing
a large number of; a great quantity 大量,da liang
fat 脂肪,zhi fang
healthy; strong 键,jian
health; healthy 健康,jian kang
fibre 纤维,xian wei
mineral 矿物质,kuang wu zhi
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