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Med-Surg Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing 4th Ed. Williams & Hopper

What are the Roles of LVN in the nursing process? A - assists in collecting data Dx - Assists in choosing appropriate nursing dx. P - assists in planning care and developing outcomes to meet pt. needs. I - Carries out portions of the plan of care within LVN scope E - assists in evaluation and revisio
Define WHATS UP? w-where is it? H-how does it feel? A-aggravating and alleviating factors. T-timing. S-severity. U-useful other data, what other symptoms are present. P-pts. perception of the problem.
How does objective data gathered? through physical assessment. Inspection, palpation, perception, and auscultation.
How do you prioritize care? ABC - airway, breathing, circulation Maslow's - physiological, safety & security, love and belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization.
How to Establish Outcomes? It should be measurable, be realistic, and have appropriate time frame for achieving it.
What is EBP? EBP - evidence-based practice is a systematic process that employs current evidence to make decisions about patient care. It includes evaluation of the quality and applicability of existing research, pt. preferences, costs, clinical expertise & settings.
Define delegation The act of empowering another person to act. It occurs in a downward manner, meaning Rn's delegate to LVN in certain circumstances
Fidelity is the obligation to be faithful to commitments, made to self and others. In includes faithfulness or loyalty to agreements and responsibilities accepted as part of the practice of nursing. Ex. not promising a pt if you can not deliver.
Veracity virtue of truthfulness. To be truthful and not to intentionally deceive or mislead the pt.
Nonmaleficence doing no harm
Trustworthiness to inspire confidence in the pt we care for.
Rights represent ways to think about what we are owed or what we deserve
Bill of rights are not enforced by the law
Autonomy is the right to self-determination
Beneficence one must take a positive action that does good for another in a way that will prevent harm to others. Principle of considering and offering tx and care options that likely to provide benefit to the pt.
Administrative Laws mandates can be the basis for disciplinary actions by the licensing body.
HIPPA health insurance portability and accountability act
Civil or tort liability based on intentional actions, unintentional actions and even omission actions.
Malpractice breach of the duty that arises out of the relationship between pt and health care worker
Negligence an unintentional tort. Occurs when injury results from the failure of the wrongdoer to exercise care.
Characteristic of Culture Learned, taught, shared by its members, dynamic and adaptive, complex, diverse, exists at many levels, has common bliefs and practice, all encompassing, provides identity.
Allopathic primary system of medicine
Capsaicin for tenderness and pain of osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, and shingles
Echinacea antiviral, used for colds, flu and other infections.
St. John's worth for mild to moderate depression; viral infections, including human immunodeficiency virus, and herpes
Nursing Dx components P - problem identification, E-etiology, S -Signs and Symptoms.
What is Nanda for Heart Attact Ineffective tissue perfusion
Technology it causes ethical dilemma
Self-actualization reaching full potential e.g. getting a promotion from job. getting degree. getting a job
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