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What foods should be monitored carefully for the patient on coumadin? Those high in vit K: green leafy vegetables
Why are pts with DVT on bedrest? Prevent release of clot into blood stream
What is cardioversion? A synschronized electrical current is delivered to the heart to restore to a normal rhythm.
What are some signs that a pacemaker battery is wearing down? Vertigo and bradychardia
What symptom when observing the hands might you find in a pt with chronic coronary disease? Clubbed fingers
Pts with mitral valve disease are at higher risk for what? Endocarditis
When caring for a pt to receive a cardiac cath, what specific food allergy should be checked for? Shellfish
If a pt receives a cardiac cath via the femoral artery, how should that leg be positioned post op? Extended
What might indicate a blood clot distal to the insertion site of a cardiac cath? Absent peripheral pulses
What is different about pain associated with angina? It generally accompanies exertion
What is the etiology of angina? Decrease in oxygen availability
What is intermittent claudication? Decreased blood flow during exercise causing pain. Is usually in legs. Symptom of PAD.
What is Raynaud's? Vasospasm and pain in fingers and toes when exposed to cold.
What is a common complaint following Nitro administration? Headache
Fluid in the lungs is associated with what type of heart failure? Left-sided
What orders may a nurse anticipate for a pt with CHF? Bedrest, fluid restriction, incentive spirometer, high cal diet, semi-fowler's position, lasix
What is a common immediate complication of an MI? Cardiogenic shock
Common symptom for MI? Vise-like pain in sternum
What would be the benefit of a soft diet immediately after an MI? Allow for easy digestion to rest the heart
What enzymes would be released by the heart after damage caused by MI? CPK, CK
What proteins are released by heart due to damage from MI? Troponin
CP relieved by morphine rather than nitro is indicative of what? An MI
LS associated with heart failure Rales
Rheumatic fever may cause what cardiac complication? Heart murmur
Normal CVP 4-10cm
Know cardiac uses, SE's, actions and risks of drugs Aldactone, cardiac glycosides(digoxin), morphine, nitro,beta blockers, ACE inhibitors,HCTZ, lidocaine, streptokinase, niacin, Epi,coumadin
In treating Raynaud's, what will Vasodilan achieve? Causes vasodilation and increases blood flow to hands and feet.
How is nitro administered? Take BP and pain rating, give 1 dose. reassess BP and pain after 5 minutes. may give two more doses, assessing BP and pain after each. If no relief after 3, call doctor.
How does nitro help angina? Dilates coronary arteries
What is a common risk with diuretics? Potassium loss
What can a disturbance of K+ level cause? Arrhythmias
What meds are likely to be given for V-tach? Amiodarone or lidocaine
What kind of med is streptokinase? A clot buster
What is niacin used for in the cardiac pt? Reduces cholesterol
How can beta blockers be useful in treating angina? Diltae coronary arteries improving blood flow and O2.
What type of med will a pt with A-fib always be required to take? Anti-coagulant, usually coumadin.
What med is used for asystole? Epinephrine
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