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Exam 2

Building Team

How does a nurse manager foster high performing teams when considering shared mental model? (9) 1) Focuses on comm, 2) offers support, 3) builds trust, 4) captures strengths of team, 5) invites feedback on that strength, 6) guides dev/improve for construct comm, 7) uses leadership skills, 8) pays attention to situation, 9) interprets vision/mission
What is the shared mental model? Perception/understanding/knowledge about pt. or pt. plan held in common among healthcare team.
Nurse manager's role/tasks in team? Build team, motivate, facilitate coom/productivity, help coordinate care, clarify goals, understand group dynamics & how they carry out tasks/roles
Nurse leader is responsible for creating a ____ team to meet ______ Cohesive team to meet org goals
Communication needs to be _____, ______, and appropriately _______ into org structure Consistent, systematic, integrated
What do you need to build a team? (list 5) 1) Commitment, 2) understanding, 3) participation, 4) feedback, 5) respect
How do managers motivate teams? (list 7( 1) Create motivating climate that is fair/consistent, 2) develop incentives/support, 3) clear expectations, 4) integrate staff wants + org interests, 5) recognize, 6) shared governance, 7) be positive
Shared governance refers to Making decisions at level that you work
Created by: lapio-lm