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Exam 2


What is main goal of recruitment? Make best selection and best fit for your team
Define recruitment Progress of actively seeking out/attracting applicants for existingp ositions
What do you need to know when recruiting? What work needs to be done? Who can best do the work? What are required/desired qualifications? What are character qualities?
Job description must have (list 5) Position title, accountability, scope, essential elements, desired outcomes
Nurse managers must know (3 things) about unit Patient care, types of staff, numbers of staff
Recruitment is an _____ process Ongoing
When thinking of recruitment ____ of the community is important to enhance sensitivity to groups you are serving Diversity
Excessive ____ is costly. The nurse manager must recognize the link between ______ and recruitment. Turnover. Retention.
Leadership roles in recruitment 1) Create supportive/encouraging climate, 2) plan for the future, 3) seek diversity, 4) be self-aware, 5) maximize fit, 6) review outcomes, 7) assure understanding
Management functions in recruitment 1) Ensure skilled workforce, 2) shares recruitment responsibility, 3) structures interviews, 4) uses techniques to increase reliability/validity of interviewing, 5) develops selection criteria, 6) interprets info, 7) participates in orientation
Stages of indoctrination 1) Induction, 2) Orientation, 3) socialization
Reasons for indoctrination Results in higher productivity, reduced attrition, fewer rule violations, greater employee satisfaction
Define induction, orientation, socialization 1) after selection but before job, 2) org, fire/accident prevention, unit norms, 3) make feel part of team
Created by: lapio-lm