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Exam 2

Planned Change

Define planned change Intentional process to create something new
Define change by drift Accident
Define change agent Helper used to plan and implement change process. May be nurse manager.
List three stages of change theory by Lewin 1) Unfreezing, 2) movement, 3) refreezing
Describe unfreezing stage Thawing out. Group convinced change needs to occur. When this stage finalizes everyone accepts the change.
______ is an essential characteristic in leaders regarding change Trustworthiness (must look, act, be)
Describe movement stage Change agent tries to get ppl to new level. Methods & strategies to get over resistance. Clarity with goals and objectives. Be receptive, identify target dates, discuss implementation. Modify based on feedback evaluation.
Describe refreezing stage Change agent assists in stabilizing system change so it becomes integrated into status quo.
Define driving forces Facilitators. Advance toward change.
Describe potential driving forces for staff Bonuses, salary increases, better outcomes for patients, desire to please boss, more satisfaction for staff, better for you, recognition, eliminating a problem undermining productivity
Define restraining forces Barriers impeding change
Describe potential restraining forces for staff Conformity to norms, an unwillingness to take risks, fear of the unknown, inside vs. outside perspective, lots of change may be stressful, lack of control
Successful change requires the following... Collaborative process, communication, involvement, resources, and support.
Describe nurse leader's roles in change Leads through vision (by influencing others), progresses constructively, models adaptation, plans, evaluates
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