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Photo Voltaics

To study the Entry Level N A B C E P

What is (I) as it applies to Ohms Law? Electrical Current
What is Ohm as it applies to Ohms Law? Electrical Resistance
What is (V) as it applies to Ohms Law? Electrical Voltage
The Earth is Tilted at? 23.5 Degrees
A Watt is? 0.001
(KW) is equal to? 1000 W
(MW) is equal to? 1000 KW
(GW) is equal to? 1000 MW
(TW) is equal to? 1000 GW
AC stands for? Alternating Current
DC stands for? Direct Current
In cold weather what happens to Voltage? It goes up
In hot weather what happens to Voltage? It goes down
In cold weather what happens to Electrical Current? It Goes down
In hot weather what happens to Electrical current? It goes up
What does PV stand for Photo-Voltaics
In the Northern hemisphere which direction should your PV system face in relation to the sun? South
The Electrical Symbol for DC is A solid line over 3 dashed lines.
The Electrical Symbol for AC is A side ways S.
A Battery's capacity is typically measured in? Amp Hours or (AH)
Define a Load? Anything that uses electricity!
What is Ohms Law? V=IR
The Equation to determine a watt is? W=VI
500 watts is equal to how much energy? .5 (kWh)
Power is? Watts
If a ladder is 16 feet up the side of a building it should be how many feet from a wall? 4
What does OSHA Occupational Safty Heath Orginization
When is Fall protection required? 6 feet off the ground or higher.
What is the leading cause of death to construction workers? Falls
When are PV modules on? Whenever there is ambient light!
If a roof is 13 feet high how how should the ladder be? 16 feet.
What type of wire should be used in residential PV systems? Copper Wire.
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