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LS 3 & 4 Test Review


Selection Pressure The environment removes organisms w/traits that do not help the organism survive & reproduce.
Adaption A trait that helps improve the chance of survival and reproduction.
Extinct When extreme pressure causes an organism to die off. (A species that is gone forever.)
Evolution The changes in frequency of traits in a population over time.
Theory A general statement that is supported by many scientific observations. (Predictions of what might happen between the independent & dependent variables.)
Example of a PREDATOR: LION or COYOTE (eats other animals.
Example of a PREY: ZEBRA or RABBIT (eaten by other animals).
Example of a "Structural adaption" of a dog: Adaptations that are part of an organisms physical makeup. (Sharp teeth, Sense of smell) Track dogs (GREY HOUND) - long legs, speed, light weight make it a key dog.
Example of a "Behavioral" adaption of a dog: Adaptions that cause an animal to act in a specific way. (Herding, Barking). Guide dog (GOLDEN RETRIEVER)for the blind people. Smart, calm, patient, and loyal.
A drought resistant wheat variety scientists discovered in Australia by combining Australia wheat with American wheat is called: Selective Breeding/artificial selection. Cross Breeding.
Asexual Reproduction 1 parent cell divides into 2 cells & each of the new cells has the same genetic material as the parent.
DNA The genetic material in a cell that stores & transmits genetic info. from 1 generation to the next.
Genetic Engineering Changing the genes of organisms.
Cell division (Mitosis) results in two genetically ___________ daughter_________. Identical/Daughter
What are two MAJOR reasons cells need to reproduce? Make and grow new cells and make new organisms.
Artificial Selection Humans are the selection pressure. - Changes the population to fit the criteria set by people.
Natural Selection The environment is the selection pressure. Selects traits that allow organisms to survive.
Created by: Alex Jackson