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Chapter 19 genki

your/his wife おくさま
your/their child おこさん
expression of gratitude おれい
honorific language けいご
this way こちら
business trip しゅっちょう
a kind; a sort しゅるい
personality せいかく
junior high student ちゅうがくせい
where どちら
lazy perrson なまけもの
worry なやみ
shy person はずかしがりや
chat; talk はなし
department manager ぶちょう
culture ぶんか
mistake まちがい
be on good/close terms; let along well なかがいい
serious まじめ(な)
to walk/drive someone おくる
to get angry おこる
to be decided きまる
tp get acquainted with しりあう
to move ひっこす
to call (one's name)/to invite よぶ
to stop by よる
to become late おくれる
to sit down かける
to come sunny はれる
to be popular (in terms of romantic interest) もてる
to hold back for the time being; to refrain from えんりょする
to treat/invite someone to a meal ごちそうする
to invtire someone (to an event) しょうたいする
to watch out; to get warning ちゅういする
to have a talk はなしをする
the day before yesterday おととい
then; therfore それで
why なぜ
in fact; originally ほんとうは
still まだ
party of …people 〜めいさま
welcome ようこそ
please give my best regards よろしくおつたえください
Created by: phillipa.badman